A1 Bentley Mom Pam Bentley Married to 23-Year Old West African

A1 Bentley Mom Pam Bentley Married to 23-Year Old African

This time it’s NOT Stella, it’s How Pam Bentley Got Her Groove Back! Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star A1 Bentley mom Pam Bentley has some explaining to do.

According to online reports, Pam Robinson, 53, married a man and he’s only 23-years-old. Read on…

A1 Bentley Mom Pam Bentley Married to 23-Year Old West AfricanCelebNReality247.com is shocked, but reports are claiming that Pam met her much younger husband on social media.

The young man allegedly SLID into Pam Bentley‘s DMs, and the rest was history. Apparently, that is NOT all he slid up in since the two are RUMORED to be married.

It’s said that A1 Bentley‘s mama recently married a much younger man on September 7th

Tabloid site MTO is reporting:

The reports say that the two kicked it long distance for almost a year – and then they decided to take their relationship up a notch.

Pam reportedly flew to West Africa to meet her new man and the two ended up married.

And get this, Pam Bentley was married to her new husband, in a legal ceremony. The two are now working with US immigration, to get his paperwork so that he can live with Pam in the United States.

It’s not clear yet whether Pam’s new husband intends on being filmed on the new season of Love & Hip Hop.

Sounds like someone is looking for a come up, but hey this makes for a great storyline for the new season.

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