Amber Marchese Says Teresa Giudice ‘Doesn’t Care Who She Hurts’

Amber Marchese Says Teresa Giudice ‘Doesn’t Care Who She Hurts’

Amber Marchese Says Teresa Giudice ‘Doesn’t Care Who She Hurts’!

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Amber Marchese weighs in on the season 11 drama between Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider.

According to Amber, the drama between Teresa and Jackie is getting out of hand even for Bravo’s standards. Continue on to see what Amber Marchese has to say about Teresa Giudice… reports that after Amber Marchese agrees with Jackie Goldschneider who used an analogy that clearly went right over Teresa’s head.

If you recall, this season, Jackie offered up a damaging analogy to make Teresa understand how hurtful it can be to spread unconfirmed rumors.

Jackie told Teresa gossiping about her husband Evan Goldschneider cheating without proof is the same as her telling people, “I heard Gia snorts coke in the bathroom at parties.”

That didn’t sit well with Teresa Giudice, she ended up blowing up, steam was coming out of her ears.

Not to mention, Jackie Goldschneider’s controversial comment didn’t go over well with RHONJ fans, but she stood by her comment.

Jackie explained to Us Weekly:

I wasn’t starting a rumor about Gia. I was giving an analogy. I think that almost everyone will say that that’s an analogy and the truth is that there’s no one else in Teresa’s life that I can make her understand. When you say something about someone you love, whether or not it’s true, it hurts, you know?

Amber Marchese couldn’t help but agree with Jackie.

In fact, she claims that Teresa does and says whatever she wants and doesn’t care who she hurts in the process. She says that Teresa has the complete support of Bravo and will do their bidding for the sake of ratings and the show.

Now Amber says:

She has the power of the network! She has the power of the production team. … They create a story, and they use her as a little soldier to go and do their bidding, and she will do it. She doesn’t care who she hurts.

The former RHONJ star who left the show in 2014 doesn’t believe Teresa had good intentions when questioning Evan’s fidelity to Jackie.

Amber confessed:

She was a miserable person when I was on the show, and she just doesn’t look like a happy person now, even though she could pretend all she wants. It just doesn’t work. … She’s wrapped up in this world, and she can’t get out.