Apollo Nida’s Barber Skills TROLLED By The A

Apollo Nida's Barber Skills TROLLED By The A

Real Housewives of Atlanta ex-husband Apollo Nida has been released from federal prison a few weeks ago and has started his new gig as a barber.

Apollo has been working as a barber in Atlanta while staying at a halfway house. The only problem is that Apollo Nida has been getting DRAGGED by Twitter trolls for his haircutting skills. Read on for more on Apollo Nida’s Barber Skills…

CelebNReality247.com reports that Apollo Nida is trying to reaclimate to being out of prison so he is taking his haircutting skills to the A, but some peeps in the A are NOT loving his skills at all.

Oh, No, Atlant is letting Apolo Nida have it.

Yesterday, Apollo posted a picture on social media of one of the haircuts he gave his client.

Apollo is happily working at Rocky’s Barbershop at 2591 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324.

He took to social media saying:

It looks like ya boi AP back in business… I know you see the FADE GAME STILL CRAZY @rockysbarbershop

The commenters have been mostly positive regarding Apollo’s haircutting skills.

One follower said:

Hey man, congrats on landing on your feet. I know you will do well, and wish you all the best. I look forward to seeing your string of upscale Apollo barbers lining the main roads of all major cities some day soon. Take care and keep on tearing down boundaries

According to one commenter, they claim that the former inmate cut the parts way too wide.

Them lines so far apart you can play tic tac toe lmao dude this is not your calling I would be hella mad if you cut my shit like that.

Despite the Troll, we say keep doing you Apollo.

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