Apple Watts’ Sister Gives Update Her Condition Following Car Accident

Apple Watts' Sister Gives Update Her Condition Following Car Accident

Apple Watts’ Sister Gives Update Her Condition Following Car Accident!

In March reported that former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Apple Watts was involved in a near fatal car accident. It’s been over three weeks since we’ve heard anything about Apple despite false reports that she died…. has an update from Apple’s sister says that Watts continues to make progress as she recovers from a horrific car crash.

We are so happy to hear that, since Apple almost died in the crash.

The former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star’s sister, Dominique Flournoy, gave fans an update on her Instagram page.

On April 15th post, she wrote:

My baby still unresponsive but stable she will undergo surgery on the 15th for her right eye that doesn’t close all the way they will be putting a weight in the lid that will still allow her to open and close her eye still her nerves are bad on that side and if this isn’t done she could have complications or even go blind because her eye isn’t closing all the way.” Flournoy added that there’s an online fundraiser for fans to assist in ongoing medical costs.

I do need everyone to share tag do whatever is needed for her go fund me I need to move her stuff out of her apartment doctors also mention a payment for transportation waiting for a call back on that but please share the link and keep the prayers coming,” she added in the post. The reality star is expected to have a lengthy recovery time.


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TMZ reports that the wreck left Watts with two breaks in her neck, a shattered arm, and a brain injury. While she’s able to breathe on her own, but the hospital providers are still getting her assisted oxygen to aid in her healing process.

In a previous update her sister provided, Watts had a successful neck surgery on the evening of Tuesday, March 29. In the accident, Watts’ Mercedes collided with a Ford F250 pickup truck while she drove on the freeway. The crash occurred in Baker, CA when she was traveling to Las Veags.

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