Apryl Jones DEADS Pregnancy Rumors + Jess Hilarious Beef

Apryl Jones DEADS Pregnancy Rumors + Speaks on Jess Hilarious

Apryl Jones Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors + Tells Media “Kept My Name Out Yo Mouth”

On Saturday, Apryl Jones was beating her face during a live session telling her followers “I can mess with who I want to mess with,” so don’t tell me who to date.  Apryl goes on to say “I’m getting checks for my business…so if you out making checks for things that you enjoy, so be it.” Read on since Apryl Jones Deads Pregnancy Rumors + Speaks on Jess Hilarious

Apryl Jones DEADS Pregnancy Rumors + Jess Hilarious Beef

The Love  & Hip Hop Hollywood star and Lil Fizz new girlfriend feels that people need to worry about the problems with Trump, ICE, gun violence, not “little” old her.

CelebNReality247.com got word from Apryl Jones herself talking about being “positive and ‘don’t believe everything you see on social media because it all NOT true.”

Jones goes on to say:

Let the story play out and find out that the accusations are not all that they seem to be.

Apryl reiterates:

“I’m so happy” while she gives her followers a makeup tutorial.

Next, she is ready for all the questions from her fans.

She was asked if the rumors of her being pregnant are true?

No… I’m not pregnant…if I was two months pregnant I would show.

Lil Fizz girlfriend gets called out for ignoring the questions everyone wants to know about. She continues to answer makeup questions a lip color and nothing about Jess Hilarious.

She says that Jess Hilarious took to her LIVE to explain the situation so she’s not getting into it.  Apryl, she says that Jess just “fell into the trap.”

Apryl Jones DEADS Pregnancy Rumors + Jess Hilarious Beef

The Chinese American, Taiwanese, Native American, Mongolian and black reality star was asked about Moniece Slaughter being cool, so she replied:

No, Moniece and I will never be cool. Jess and I are still cool.

Apryl says that she has no beef with Moniece. She has one with her, but she looks stupid.

When it comes to B2K questions she refuses to answer any of the questions since she knows too many people will blow it out of proportion.

When it comes to believing in fighting?

Apryl says:

I will finish the fight, but I won’t start one. —My grandmother always said don’t start the fight just finish it.

Then she signed off…


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