ATL Prosecutor to Indict Tommie Lee

ATL Prosecutor to Indict Tommie Lee

Last night on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta EXPOSED + UNEDITED Pt 1 Tommie Lee just admitted to attempting to run Joseline Hernandez down with her car! Now, ATL Prosecutor to Indict Tommie Lee???

Get the details on how Tommie Lee may have just landed herself a new mug shot…

ATL Prosecutor to Indict Tommie Lee was actually shocked to hear that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 5 newbie admitted that she tried to rundown Joseline Hernandez.

On the EXPOSED + UNEDITED Pt 1, an updated reunion show, since no one wanted to deal with Joseline Hernandez after she caused drama, lied and attacked everyone on the cast.

During a Q&A segment with KK, Sas, Tommie and Stevie J it was revealed that Joseline Hernandez has had a restraining order placed against Tommie Lee. She was shocked about the news asking:

“What did I ever do to her…???”

And then it was revealed that back in March 2016 Tommie and Joseline got into it on the streets of Atlanta after Scrapp DeLeon’s (who is serving time behind bars) girlfriend tried to run down Hernandez.

Now Atlanta prosecutors are actively looking to charge TOMMIE with vehicular assault after she admitted on last night’s LOVE & HIP HOP Atlanta reunion show that she tried to RUN OVER JOSELINE – with her car.

Tommie is no stranger to the Atlanta police. She has a string of run-in and dozens of mug shots which Tommie said there was more that were not mentioned in the blogs. She also said that, that was her previous ways because she’s changed. Obviously she hasn’t because prosecutors would like NOTHING MORE than to put her in jail. And last night Tommie actually ADMITTED TO THE CRIME ON TV.

According to a TOP SNITCH who is familiar with the Atlanta prosecutor’s office, they plan on INDICTING Tommie. The insider told MTO:

“We got her.”

In the video watch what Tommie has to say about Joseline, because she is NOT playing with the Puerto Rican Pitbull!

Here is what you will NEVER see on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 5 courtesy of Instra-TV:

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