BK Brasco Has Two Women in Love with Him

BK Brasco Has Two Women in Love with Him

There is a new hunk of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta heating up the small tube in everyone’s home and his name is BK Brasco.

We might start seeing another side of the self-proclaimed “ace” who claims to “keep a lot of women around.” Will he and Sierra Gates stay together?  The Brooklyn, New York native BK Brasco has surely shown he is one of the sexiest men to join the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast over the years. Read on to get the tea on BK…

BK Brasco Has Two Women in Love with HimCelebNReality247.com has to admit we love some BK Brasco, whose real name is Romel Cummings, but what is it about the MC that has viewers locked in?

The easy on the eyes, bearded chocolate drop, BK Brasco claims that he is not a womanizer, he’s just dating. On tonight’s episode, BK leaked that he has two women in love with him.

This is NOT what Sierra Gates needs since she just got out of a bad relationship where here ex-husband Rod “Shooter” Gates was caught cheating on her. Not only that, Shooter, has a 2-year-old with another woman and a baby on the way by another woman.

Sierra turned to her “best friend” BK Brooklyn who joined the cast this year to vent about hr faile relationship. The only problem is that she NEEDS to dead all that if she wants to get intimate with BK.

Sierra confronted Shooter about his cheating, but he is dealing with his son Rodricous death. Their relationship is completely over since both of them continue to make digs at each other. Sierra is upset that Rod isn’t being up front with her about his cheating. The only problem is he admits it in the outtakes:

It raises the question, were these two really besties before season 7? No matter, Sierra, and BK look great together, but who is the other woman?

On season 7 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, BK is Sierra Gates love interest, but she can’t stop talking about her ex-Shooter and he’s NOT feeling it.

Sierra has been spending time with New York rapper BK Brasco. He’s featured on Noelia’s new single “Explode” with Timbaland. In the teaser video below BK Brasco calls himself “an ace” and claims to “keep a lot of women around.”

When not promoting his new EP Brownsville, Brasco is likely spending time with his two adorable kids:

BK Brasco Has Two Women in Love with Him

BK Brasco Has Two Women in Love with Him

So far, this season he has come off like an upstanding single father of two while dating Sierra Gates who is coming out of a bad marriage to Shooter. He has been working in hip-hop with Timberland, and after watching LHHATL he realized that it would be a great platform to get his music heard by the world.

He doesn’t see himself as a womanizer, but on tonight’s episode, BK Brasco revealed to Yung Joc while he was showing his boys his new venture. BK spilled the tea that he is seeing two women and they’re both in love with him. Now, he needs to decide which one is the best choice.

Did Sierra just land herself another unfaithful man?

Joc was speechless!