Black Ink Compton: Vudu’s Mom Gaslights Her

Black Ink Compton: Vudu's Mom Gaslights Her

Black Ink Compton has wrapped season 1 which had it’s highs and lows struggling to find a remotely interesting storyline.

The new Black Ink series lacks that over the top character like Sky or Charmagne – This series is a bit more down to earth and no one is really putting on the sauce on Black Ink Compton.

However, the only interesting person on the show is Vudu Dahl, Lemeir and Barbi for her one episode of vandalism. So lets get into the season finally and recap the last few episodes with Black Ink Compton…

Black Ink Compton: Vudu's Mom Gaslights Her first weighed in on Black Ink Compton this summer. We expected more and got a little from the show making this the Love & Hip Hop Miami of the Black Ink franchise.

Yes, Love & Hip Hop Miami is the worst of the four and the most boring. The only thing that keeps any of us engaged with Black Ink Compton is Vudu Dahl.

But first let’s recap, Lemeir had us locked in with his girlfriend Danielle’s pregnancy issues. At first they made her look like a overly jealous girfriend. Then, they defined the couples relationship and dug into her pregnancy which we liked. In the end Danielle gave birth to she and Lemeir’s first baby girl and following the season finale they posted adorable photos of Summer Miricle Mitchell for all to see.

Next, is Barbi, who had a meltdown in Big Bear after she pulled a prank on the guys and it backfired in her face. Nope, things didn’t go her way and she, Vudu and Nessie go lit. When they got back to the campsite, Barbi lost control, burned a bunch of stuff and threw a rock through the window of the RV.  She lot her damn mind and then made it worse calling the cops.

In the end she got what she deserved. Barbi was arrested for vandalism. She got out the next morning and from that point on had resting bitch face with the crew. Following the blowout by Barbi, Lemeir helped Nessie calm down. It was a shhh show – and the girls took it too far.

Fast forward to the season finale Barbi realized it was all her fault and apologized to KP after speaking to her grandma.

Vudu Dahl drama with her family reaches ALL time high!

As for Vudu, drama unfolds when her father finds her and sends some satanic type of bible he wrote for his family. Vudu luckily ran away from home up in Washington because her father had her family living in a cult type atmosphere.

On the season finale Vudu Dahl realizes that she NEEDS to confront her father who goes by the name Satan. She and Nessie travel to Seattle, but Vudu has major anxiety about confronting her estranged stepfather and tries to run away. Nessie works to calm her down.

Things continue to unravel as Vudu take Nessie on memory lane as they walk along the railroad tracks near her childhood home and reflects on the longing she always had to escape.

Vudu makes one final attempt to reach her mom and get answers to the questions she needs answered, but her mom gaslights her instead.

She is completely unable to reach her mom. Vudu’s mom is in complete denial about everything and tries to play it off like her daughter is lying. It is sad to watch her mom acting completely blind. All her mom is focused on is getting her back in the house for a reading.

Vudu’s mom is too far gone…watch:

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