‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Teddy CALLS Ceaser Is A Hater

‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Teddy CALLS Ceaser Is A Hater

‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Teddy CALLS Ceaser Is A Hater!

Teddy and Ceaser have disagreed amid Ceaser’s fallout with his daughter, but things seem to be worse since Teddy is calling Ceaser a Hater these days…

CelebnReality247.com reports these days Ceaser has been dealing with a lot of drama in his personal life and viewers are fully aware of the fallout with his daughter Cheyenne.

The drama centers around Cheyenne, who hopped on Instagram and accused Ceaser of beating her. Cease denied it, but her mom Crystal said she believed her daughter.

Ceaser Emanuel was devastated by the accusations, so he did a press conference. Then he announced that he planned to sue Crystal for defamation. This was a move he felt was necessary to make. Plus, his lawyer said that this was the best path to take.

Emanuel was trying to get in control of the narrative seeing as he can’t risk his image as a businessman being tainted by serious accusations.

Meanwhile, Cease’s girlfriend Suzette and his mother attended the news conference in support. However, Ceaser couldn’t just focus on who showed up. He was disappointed that his cousin Teddy was a no-show.

Teddy Ruks said he chose not to attend the news conference because he wasn’t in support of Ceaser’s choice to pursue Crystal legally. Teddy told Ceaser that suing Crystal wouldn’t bring Cheyenne back into his life.

And it all blew up in his face, because Cease can no longer be around his daughter nor can anyone affiliated with Emanuel.

Things continued to worsen between Ceaser and Suzette because he didn’t like what she said about Cheyenne on social media. So Ceaser has been feeling unsupported by Teddy as of late.

Interestingly enough, Ceaser was disappointed even more by Teddy during the recent episode. And after watching what Ceaser had to say, Teddy thinks his cousin is a hater.

Over the years, Teddy has received a lot of criticism because he didn’t appear to contribute much to Ceaser’s tattoo shop business. In fact, when viewers usually saw Teddy, he was sitting on the couch. He’d sometimes get involved in the shop drama and it’s always been questioned why he’s even there if he doesn’t tattoo.

Teddy has decided to put himself first from now on just like Ceaser does. And get this, Cease doesn’t like Teddy’s new attitude, he feels that Teddy has been acting real Hollywood lately, “I don’t like that n*gga’s attitude, B. He’s starting to act Hollywood already.”

This is why Teddy called Ceaser a hater while watching what his cousin had to say on the latest episode.