Brooke Valentine and Marcus Black Part Ways; Is It OVER?

Brooke Valentine and Marcus Black Part Ways; It's OVER

All season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood we have witnessed messy Brooke Valentine, who hasn’t had a hit song for over 13 years, got dumped.

Why did this happen? Easy, Brooke Valentine continued to be a messy hater all season because she just loved inflicting drama on certain cast members. Read on for more…

Brooke Valentine and Marcus Black Part Ways; It's OVERFirst, Brooke Valentine was on a mission to get Marcus Black so she came off like a Crazy Now Ex Girlfriend planning a wedding and forcing a man into marriage.

It was pathetic and sad because everyone else saw how crazy she was coming off, but Brooke Valentine saw it as getting her man.

After she succeeded in landing Marcus Black, Brooke just got worse. She thrived on spreading rumors about Safaree Samuels and Lyrica Anderson smashing. She even went as far to suggest that Lyrica’s unborn baby might be Safarees.

Once Marcus caught wind of her messy ways and talking about his friend A1 Bentley‘s wife without remorse. He pleaded with her to stop. She didn’t.

When Princess suggests that Brooke should apologize to Lyrica, she refuses. Brooke is so petty. #SMH

Brooke Valentine continued to do her, and started hanging with the male mess, Roccstar, whose ego is so big we’re surprised he fits on the show. His cockiness is EPIC and his arrogance is beyond measure and the sad part is it takes away from his talent. He’s a red flag walking in our book. He’s too Hollywood just like Brooke.

When he came for Marcus, that was the end. Marcus asked his one hit wonder fiance Brooke to stop hanging with Roccstar but she didn’t listen. But in Hollywood, everyone is out for themselves. Its hard to find someone who is real in plastic-Ville USA.

To make things worse for Brooke, Booby steps in. Keyshia Cole’s ex-Booby Gibson attacks Marcus Black‘s character saying Brooke deserves better.

If that is the case why is Brooke back with Marcus? Watch how Booby rolls up on Marcus who states that Brooke is his woman.

Watch how Booby calls him out about his engagement to Brooke:

After Marcus learned that Brooke Valentine was still doing mess and NOT respecting his wishes, he decided maybe she is NOT the one. In fact, Brooke obviously was feeling some type of way because she’s taken off the ring.

We will see how this plays out, but as of now, according to LHH Hollywood, they are O.V.E.R!

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