Ceaser SLAMS Ryan Henry Amid Dirty Dawg Accusations

Ceaser SHADES Ryan Henry Amid Dirty Dawg Accusations

Ceaser SLAMS Ryan Henry Amid Dirty Dawg Accusations!

Black Ink Crew’s Ceaser Emanuel, who fell out with Ryan Henry after he betrayed their friendship sleeping with Kat, has apparently done it to another friend. It appears Ryan has no loyalty to anyone except himself. Read on…

CelebnReality247.com may sound harsh, but the fact are the facts and the proof that Anthony Lindsey put out there about Ryan Henry doesn’t seem to be speculation.

“Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser Emanuel isn’t on the best terms with Ryan these days. In fact, the two men began to have tension due to rumors. While Sky was still on the show, she revealed she read Miss Kitty hooked up with Ryan. Although Kitty would deny the rumors, her former friends would not. Tati, Donna, and Young Bae claimed that Kitty actually confirmed the hookup.

As far as Cease is concerned, he fired Kitty. And he’s also done with Ryan as well.

Now, Ceaser is weighing in on Ryan and how dirty he played his bestie Anthony Lindsey.

Anthony Lindsey is one of Ryan Henry’s best friend. In addition to that, Henry is Anthony’s son’s God Father, so you know they close, and the betrayal for Tony is hitting deep. especially since he recently announced he has beat cancer. Ryan has been by his side all summer, but he’s also been all up on his boi’s ex baby mama.

What about the bro code Ryan???

Well Ceaser Emanuel has a little something to say about good old Ryan Henry along with the post above.

Cease writes:

It’s too many so-called REAL N.I.G.G.A.Z. that will betray their people for PUSSY, MONEY AND CLOUT. You’ll are REAL BITCHES and We are not the same? A real Boss put their people in position to WIN & their are fake Bosses that step on their people just to get ahead #ceaserblackink

Have you noticed since Ryan has gotten muscled out, he’s gotten caught up and is acting untouchable?

You know they say the come up is great but sometimes those falls hit real hard.

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