Chris and Mimi Faust Break Up After Stevie Moves In

Mimi Faust

Joesline and Dawn makes a mends Meanwhile Stevie J is done so he goes to Mimi’s house.  Mimi Faust talks to Chris, but Chris dumps  Mimi like yesterday’s news?!?

Get the tea on the flip about Dawn, Joseline, Stevie J and then Chris and Mimi Faust…

Mimi Faust

There is a lot of drama going on with Stevie J, Joseline and Mimi, so Chris Breaks Up With Mimi Faust After Stevie Moves In!

Tonight on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta episode 7, while they’re chopping it up Dawn reveals that she and KK spent time in prison together. Dawn goes on to say that Karen King is full of it, they were locked up together and told her when they both get out they’d be in touch.

Joseline Hernandez’s former booking agent, Dawn reveals that Karen never returned any of her calls and that she’s full of it. Meanwhile Stevie J walks in and sees Dawn the rat who told everyone that he was a junky, he and Joseline and weren’t married and she even cause major drama for the Jordan. We all know Dawn’s alleged sketchy past with Joseline has Stevie question her motives and whats up her sleeve.

Now Dawn is back and Joseline is cool with her, but Stevie doesn’t trust Dawn at all. He makes sure that this time no BS starts and reminds Joseline that she us under contract. That’s when Joseline starts asking for her contract and that she wants a copy of it. Stevie asks if she will take him to court if he doesn’t produce the paperwork.

Before we get to the next, check Mimi talking about when Chris met the Jordan’s and she was NOT impressed:

Stevie get upset and storms out of the house.

Later Stevie Jordan meets up with Mimi Faust to talk to her about why Dawn has resurfaced. Stevie reveals that he doesn’t trust Dawn of Joseline. He asks if he can crash at Mimi’s house until he figures out what to do with the Joseline situation.

We all know that Stevie is looking for a new woman in his life, but not one that is like Joseline. It appears that Stevie wants a woman who is part Mimi and part Joseline, someone who is there for him and loves his family.

Does this mean that Stevie J is growing up?

Mimi Faust is apprehensive to having Stevie stay with her. She is worried that there is going to be some serious drama, but Mimi feels that she needs to run this by Chris and Joseline first.

Later Mimi explains the situation that is going on in her life with Stevie J, Joseline, Dawn and all the drama. Chris politely tells her that its a lot of drama and she’s not into all that.

Chris tells her it “was one hell of a ride” but she has to back out of her relationship with Mimi. The lesbian relationship for Mimi is officially over because she cannot separate all the drama from her past from her current situation. She continues to allow the drama to infiltrate her life and so Chris says goodbye.

We find it interesting because Mimi claims that she broke it off with Chris because she was “too possessive.” And to top that off, the tearful Mimi wasn’t single for long. She’s now dating a BASKETBALLER named TY, who plays for the Utah Jazz. They seem to be very much into each other, but she’s been keeping it under wraps until LHHATL is over.

We have our hunches, but could it be Ty Lawson of the Utah Jazz? Is this Mimi’s new man?

Mimi Faust