Cyn Santana Breaks Silence About Joe Budden Abuse

Cyn Santana Breaks Silence About Joe Budden Abuse

“Cyn Santana Breaks Silence About Joe Budden Abuse!

First, Tahiry Jose breaks her silence about her violent relationship with ex Joe Budden and now Cyn Santana is also accusing him of abuse. Read on for more about Cyn Santana and Joe Budden abuse…


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I dont play about my family and I most definitely don’t play about my son. Mind y’all business. Love ???

A post shared by Cyn Santana ? (@cynsantana) on reports that Cyn Santana has broken her silence hours after the audio was leaked online.

Cyn Santana accuses Joe of chasing her and “dragging” her and “kicking” her and their infant son out of his home.

So, it’s not secret that Joseph and I broke up over a year and a half ago. It’s no secret. We’re in the public eye, we’re in the limelight, we’re public figures. My family is a real family with real blood in their veins. With a heart. With a mental. We’re still human beings.

She says in the clip.

We have the right to privacy. We have the right to deal with whatever it is that we deal with on our own time.

It appears Love & Hip Hop New York cast member Cyn decided to break up with Joe Budden of the Joe Budden Podcast because of his violent behavior.

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