‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Duane Chapman Says Accurate Update on Beth Coming Soon

Beth Chapman ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ star Dies at 51

Reality TV series ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ star Duane Chapman wife Beth Chapman remains in a medically-induced coma.

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'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Duane Chapman Says Accurate Update on Beth Coming Soon

CelebNReality247.com reports that “Dog the Bounty Hunter” star Duane Chapman shared a close-up photo of her right hand, adorned in medical wristbands and an IV but meticulously manicured with rhinestones and fake nails.

In his first Twitter post since revealing the news of Beth’s hospitalization, Duane Chapman captioned the photo late Monday:

You all know how she is about HER NAILS!!!

Here is what we have learned via USA Today:

Her family members “have been with her at the hospital,” where she remains in “very serious” condition, Chapman’s lawyer, Andrew Brettler, told USA TODAY on Monday. Duane asked fans Sunday to pray for his wife.

On Friday, Chapman was hospitalized after having difficulty breathing and passing out momentarily. Doctors put her in a coma to spare her from pain during treatment, family spokeswoman Mona Wood-Sword told the Associated Press.

According to an article from Hawaii News Now that Duane shared on his Twitter and Facebook pages, the family told newscasters in a statement Saturday that she had been to the Intensive Care Unit at Queen’s Medical Center in Hawaii.

Duane wrote early Sunday morning, before sharing the article:

Please say your prayers for Beth right now thank you love you.

Beth’s husband has just given an update stating “an accurate update coming soon”:

90% of what you’re hearing is fake news. I don’t mean to be nasty but some are filling in the blanks. @wgnamerica will be releasing an accurate update soon. Please keep prayers coming!

'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Duane Chapman Says Accurate Update on Beth Coming Soon

Beth was originally diagnosed with Stage 2 throat cancer in September 2017 after having a nagging cough checked out; it returned later as Stage 4 lung cancer. USA TODAY’s Brettler confirmed that the reality star began chemotherapy in December 2018.

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