Donna Lombardi: Being On ‘Black Ink Crew’ Caused Mental Health Issues

Donna Lombardi: Being On ‘Black Ink Crew’ Caused Mental Health Issues

Donna Lombardi: Being On ‘Black Ink Crew’ Caused Mental Health Issues!

When it comes to “Black Ink Crew” star Donna, she has had a lot of controversial moments on the show. Most of her drama was caused by her own issues. From her viral “restroom” moment with Alex to the constant fights and arguments she caused on the show. Read on to see why Donna Lombardi blames BIC for his mental health… reports that Donna went on to being accused of being abusive towards Alex after he accused her of being responsible for a scratch on his face after they got into an argument.

Although Alex would later retract his claims, Donna was still seen as his abuser. She has since been pushed off of the show. And Ceaser said she’s not allowed at any Black Ink shops.

Donna Lombardi is no longer on good terms with most of her former co-workers. Recently, she even said that she believes the show has done a number on her mental health.

Lombardi discussed her mental health after being fired from “Black Ink Crew.”

If you watched, then you know Donna had a messy departure from “Black Ink Crew.” She was accused of being violent towards her ex-fiancé Alex. He told producers that Donna was responsible for a fresh scratch he had on his face. He said it all went down while he was shaving. As a result of the accusations, Ceaser said he didn’t want Donna around him anymore. So she is not allowed at any of the Black Ink shops. So she’s essentially been pushed off of the show.

Interestingly enough, Alex walked back his accusations about Donna before her exit. And he said what really happened is he was shaving while they were arguing. When tempers flared, he accidentally cut himself.

Donna is upset with how Alex has handled things. It’s likely this led to their breakup. And she recently called out Alex on social media. She made accusations of her own, and she said viewers have no idea about the alleged horrible things Alex has done to her away from the cameras. These days she’s thinking about exposing him because she feels he threw her under the bus.

Donna has also called out Puma and Ceaser on social media as well. Both stood firm with their beliefs that Donna was abusive towards Alex. And Donna has accused both of using her to deflect from their own issues.

At this point, it’s safe to say that Donna isn’t on the best terms with most of her former coworkers.

Well, Donna recently had more things to say about “Black Ink Crew” on Instagram Story.

She seems to suspect that the show has caused some issues for her mental health.

In a post, she wrote:

I hate getting random waves of severe anxiety. I swear it’s PTSD from that show.