Dutchess Lattimore: CALLS OUT Former ‘Black Ink Crew’ Producers

Dutchess Lattimore CALLS OUT Former ‘Black Ink Crew’ Producers

Dutchess Lattimore: CALLS OUT Former ‘Black Ink Crew’ Producers!

Dutchess says that her former employers Big Fish Entertainment are a bunch of racist white men

In a recent interview with Talk Of The Town Unfiltered, Dutchess Lattimore spoke on a few things from essential oils, doing tattoos during to COVID-19 pandemic, and her opinions about the former producers, Big Fish Entertainment. Read on…

CelebnReality247.com reports a few years back Dutchess Lattimore was ready to leave “Black Ink Crew” after all the drama with the crew and the lies.

Dutchess reveals that she was tricked into becoming a cast member of “Black Ink Crew.” She said she agreed to do the pilot which made her part of the show. She goes on to say that she was working for over a year before Big Fish came in wanting to do a show. She also reveals that the show is complete FAKE back then and now.

Now a few years after leaving Black Ink Crew, she reveals that after she left even though Big Fish Entertainment offered her major stacks. Too much took place.

What Pushed Dutchess Lattimore to LEAVE “Black Ink Crew.”

Dutchess said:

The day that I put Cease shoes out on the corner, on the street, do y’all know that they called the f**king crazy house to come and get me and told the lady to put me in a f**king straight jacket for cameras?

She added:

But let me tell you how good God is. The lady that they sent in there to tell me that sh*t, I had just done a tattoo for her like a month ago. An EMT worker. She told me what they were trying to do to me. She said, ‘Dutchess, you got a back door?’ I said, ‘Yes, ma’am.’ She said, ‘I want you to go out this back door and get the f*ck away from here as far as you can because I’ll be d*mned if they are going to make you look like this.’

Dutchess goes on to reveal is that she left a six-figure deal:

I walked away, fulfilled my contract, and denied the money that they were offering me. Yes, six, over six figures.

Dutchess added:

They even offered to open up my tattoo shop for me so they could control it.

She goes on to say she is happy she is out of her contract so she can dish some hot tea.

Dutchess Lattimore says that “reality TV is made to diminish mental health for the people on the show and for the viewer watching.” She says no one succeeds in the series that just “fight or f**k!”

She asks why does that not translate into the series? Why don’t these people achieve their goals?

The show focuses on the drama and NOT the REAL reality of what is really going on.

Dutchess said she stacked the money she made from the show, explaining:

I had saved every VH1 check. I had never spent not one dollar of em when I came to North Carolina. That’s how I was able to do everything that I’ve been able to do. Cause I didn’t use the money. I worked and was still on TV.

She Claims Big Fish Entertainment Are Racist White Men:

They are a group of racist, white individuals that created a relationship with Viacom to further the propaganda of what I feel racism is in this country. That’s why the storylines reflected the way that they did. When O’sh*t got caught with that cocaine on his pocket, and they tried to revoke his probation, a producer gave him that cocaine knowing that he’s addicted to it.

After Big Fish proved they were racist Viacom decided to replace all shows that were working with Big Fish Entertainment.

A known producer gave CelebnReality247 some insight on producing reality TV.

We spoke to a producer about filming reality TV series and he revealed to us:

If you know someone is gay and not out, we will set him up and out him. They will even go as far as to seduce the individual, sleep with them, and then expose them for reality TV purposes.

The Producer adds:

When we know someone is an addict we will feed the habit for reality TV storylines for ratings.

Dutchess confirmed that the fights between herself and Cease were 100% real.

But she goes on to say that everyone else was willing to whatever for money. She also spoke on attempting suicide seven times:

When I left the show, I went through therapy. It was necessary. I tried to kill myself seven times.

What is next for Dutchess Lattimore?

Dutchess is in a much better place. She is back in North Carolina with her own tattoo shop and production company. These days, Dutchess has her own production company called Ambitious Day Dreams productions. Her first film “False Advertisement” was released in 2020.