Erica Mena Says Her Home Was Robbed

Erica Mena Says Her Home Was Robbed!

Love & Hip Hop star Erica Mena recently announced she was expecting a second child with her husband Safaree Samuels. But the happy news is followed by some disturbing news that Erica’s home was robbed…


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A post shared by Erica Mena ? (@iamerica_mena) reports that Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels had some unwanted guests who disturbed their happy home over the weekend.

Erica Mena took to social media on Tuesday (May 18) to share photos of individuals responsible for allegedly robbing her house this weekend, announcing a cash prize for anyone who can bring the thieves to justice.

Mena penned in the caption of a screenshot featuring a man holding a chain.

Unfortunately over the weekend, my house was robbed.

The man in the photo bragged:

This a celebrity chain don’t ask how we got it. There is now a $20,000 cash reward to anyone who can lead us in arresting all those involved. You can remain anonymous please DM me or Safaree.

She followed up with a second post identifying another robber and her relationship to the other culprits.

Safaree’s wife said:

So this stripper “ Christy Mahone” is now allegedly wearing my jewelry and has all my purses. She has involvement with one of the robbers, one being [@charleefamous].

Erica continued:

Girl be smart and give up all my belongings. If anyone knows her please contact me. I got a cash reward on her as well. 10,000 in cash to anyone who can lead me to the arrest of this woman as well.

As of this article’s publication, only one of the individuals involved has been identified.

Mena went off on the ShadeRoom for their typical ClickBait articles that they posted about her:


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We’ll keep you updated on any subsequent information regarding the case.