Evelyn Lozada Confirms Smashing French Montana

Evelyn Lozada Confirms Smashing French Montana

The tea was spilling all over the place on the premiere episode of Basketball Wives season 7. What caught our attention was Evelyn Lozada confirmed that she was indeed smashing French Montana.

Read on to get the latest on Evelyn Lozada, who is a target for a few of the ladies, namely Jackie Christie and Tami Roman

Evelyn Lozada Confirms Smashing French MontanaCelebNReality247.com first heard of the news via CelebNSports247.com revelead that Evelyn Lozada gave back the $1.4 million dollar ring Carl Crawford bought her.

Shortly after Evelyn Loada and Carl Crawford cut ties she was got her groove back and started  smashing French Montana. The 33-year-old was putting down that Moroccan love on the 42-year-old television personality, model and spokesperson.

When a fan on Instagram decided to ask Evelyn if she was smashing rapper French Montana, she happily replied that the rumors were true.

The fan asked:

French really pounding your culo cakes into sazon huh?

The Basketball Wives star claims he was pounding her into a Spanish dish. Welp!

Lozada did it in a very detailed way:

Y sofrito.

Translation, French blew her back out and she loved it!

Tonight, she confirmed French was doing her right. She also said they were two Bronx natives having fun.

Evelyn and her fiancé Carl Crawford split up after being engaged for more than 4 years. Lozada started dating the Los Angeles Dodger left-fielder after she divorced former NFL player Chad Johnson. Crawford and Lozada share a three-year-old son, Carl Leo Crawford.