‘FBoy Island’ Star Sarah Emig Has ‘No Regrets’ From Outcome

'FBoy Island' Star Sarah Emig Has 'No Regrets' From Outcome

‘FBoy Island’ Star Sarah Emig Has ‘No Regrets’ From Outcome!

HBO Max reality dating series “FBoy Island” is filled with tons of twists and turns but nothing was more shocking than the moment Sarah Emig’s face was cracked by her FBoy.

CelebnReality247.com reports that Sarah Emig lost $100,000 for trusting the LA bitcoin investor who proudly called himself the “King of the FBoys,” but Emig told Insider that she still has “no regrets.”

Emig who didn’t listen or pay attention to any of the signs, said:

Any person with logic would not have chosen him. I just laughed like, this is funny, this is what I deserve. But also a lot of women can relate to that too, where they give a guy a lot of chances and try to see the good in someone and it just ends up not working out.

Sarah Emig and her costars CJ Franco and Nakia Renee were tasked with dating 24 guys — half of whom self-identified as FBoys, and the other 12 nice guys.

Sarah had herself one of the most handsome nice guys and she turned him away for an FBoy in the end.  It was so obvious that Garrett was manipulating her, telling her everything she wanted to hear, and tricking her to believe he actually cared.

She had to know a little that Garrett was full of shit, but she fell into the same song and dance all women fall into. “I can change him.”

Ladies, you can NEVER change a FBoy, he will always stray, cheat and lie.

Why Sarah Emig choose Garrett Morosky:

Sarah Emig chose Morosky and he decided to leave her and walk away with $100,000. because in his head he won the game. He manipulated her and she fell for it. woman with nothing.

Emig told Insider:

When it happened, I just completely saw red like, what did I just do? I was so angry like, f–k you, how could you do that to a person? I ignored every red flag up until now.

Emig said the finale happened right after the couple’s 24-hour date, which is when she decided that she “could totally trust” Morosky.

She revealed:

That’s when I felt like we got some alone time together without the cameras and I got to see the true him, and the true him didn’t feel like he was there just for the money. So he did prove that he was there for me — or so it seemed. Watching it back, I can see why people are being like, ‘Wow, why is Sarah picking him over and over again?’

Emig said with a laugh:

All of America is probably yelling at the screen. But we did really have a lot of good moments, he actually cried at multiple eliminations.

Renee added:

Oh my god, the tears. That’s all part of the manipulation too, now that I look back. But he definitely had us fooled. It just proves how FBoys can manipulate women. I think if the confessionals weren’t there, you guys would have been just as fooled as we were.

Emig said made the whole experience worth it:

She admits:

I was like, not only do I get what I deserve, but he gets what he deserves too, and he made a complete fool of himself. He chose to make a bad decision. He just doesn’t deserve the time of day.