Feds DEMAND Kim Kardashian Return ‘Looted’ Roman Sculpture To Italy

Feds DEMAND Kim Kardashian Return ‘Looted’ Roman Sculpture To Italy

Feds DEMAND Kim Kardashian Return ‘Looted’ Roman Sculpture To Italy!

Here’s the deal. Apparently, the feds ordered Kardashian to relinquish the work in a civil forfeiture complaint filed in California on Friday.

So what is Kim Kardashian to do?

Kim will have to comply since Italy is demanding the Stolen artifact returned back to their country.

Here is the problem. Everything is trackable in the world. This means the government tracked the purchase back to 2016. They have learned that the statue dates back to 1st or 2nd Century Rome. It somehow ended up getting shipped to the U.S. in 2016 Read on for details on Kim Kardashian and the “looted” Statue from Italy…

CelebnReality247.com has learned Kim is listed on the paperwork as “Kim Kardashian dba Noel Roberts Trust;” — as the consignee and importer of the said statute.

Noel Roberts is, in fact, a trust Kim Kardashian has used to make other big-ticket purchases — but a rep for Kim denies she made this deal.

A source connected to the situation tells us Kim only found out this week that the piece was actually bought by Kanye as part of a larger purchase that included more art. We’re told it’s unclear if Kanye had bought it as a gift, or when he had planned on telling Kim, but our source says she was in the dark.

Did Kanye West Set Kim Up?

Basically, Kim is the fall guy for her ex-husband Kanye West’s doings. But the other question in hand is that the purchase was done through Kim’s “Noel Roberts Trust.” That would mean that Kanye was buying things through Kim’s trust? Is that legal? If not, that would mean Kanye could be facing some charges for using Kim’s trust without her knowledge. Just because they were married does not give him the right to use her trust.

Kim Kardashian is holding firm that she was unaware her name was attached to an ancient Roman artifact.
The U.S. government is now desperately seeking to return to Italy; a purchase we’re told was made by her estranged husband, Kanye West.

How Kim Kardashian Got The Statue:

Kardashian, 40, bought the limestone statue, known as Fragment of Myron’s Samian Athena, in 2016 from Axel Vervoordt Gallery in Belgium, Artnet reported.

The US government is asking Kim Kardashian to forfeit an ancient Roman sculpture that was apparently illegally smuggled out of Italy.

It was part of a 5.5-ton shipment valued at $745,882 and said to contain 40 antiques and modern furniture and decorative objects.

Further examination of the statute’s paperwork had some discrepancies, leading officials to become suspicious about where it had actually come from.

Italy’s Ministry of Cultural Heritage sent an archaeologist in 2018 to examine the work.

The expert concluded that it had been “looted, smuggled, and illegally exported from Italy,” leading the country to ask for it back.

Kim Kardashian Denies Purchase of Looted Statue:

A representative for Kardashian said:

Kim never purchased this piece and this is the first that she has learned of its existence. We believe it may have been purchased using her name without authorization and because it was never received, she was unaware of the transaction. We encourage an investigation and hope that it gets returned to the rightful owners.

What are your thoughts about Kim Kardashian and the “looted” Statue from Italy?