‘Good Bones’ star Karen Laine Home Burglarized

'Good Bones' star Karen Laine Home Burglarized

‘Good Bones’ star Karen Laine Home Burglarized!

What the hell man? Why can’t people just leave people’s homes alone? The HGTV home renovator had her Indianapolis home burglarized recently. Read on for more details about Good Bones Karen Laine home burglarized…


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CelebnReality247.com reports that ‘Good Bones’ star Karen Laine’s home is the perfect place to drop one’s pants and poop.

Well, according to reports, that is what happened to Karen’s home in Indianapolis.

TMZ is reporting:

The HGTV home renovator had her Indianapolis home burglarized recently, but this is not the first time for Karen.

This is the 2nd time someone left behind a piece of crap as a f*** you — that’s what Karen’s saying anyway, according to local media.

She told FOX59:

It’s sort of an epithet to say I poop on you.

Homeowner Karen E Laine believes it is personal.

She reveals:

Last Saturday someone came in, stole more things, and pooped in the garage.

E Laine says it’s the third time someone got into her home, and the second time they have left a fecal folly in her garage.
She feels that the burglary “seems very personal and intentional.”

Karen reveals that the latest, came the same day her youngest daughter got married. The first time they stole her husband’s bike, then defecated in a bucket in the garage.

She adds:

So they know we have a bathroom. That’s what makes it feel personal because it’s not, ‘Oh, I need to go to the bathroom.’ It’s I’m going to leave my feces behind for you to clean up.

This last time they got into their home as her family slept. The crook made off with her purse. The suspect used the card at several area locations. What the crook failed to realize is E Laine is a former deputy prosecutor.

Still, in good spirits, Karen said:

Probably not the house you want to burglarize because I was immediately on the case!

She was able to get a warrant issued and they might have the person of video.