Is Big Brother The Cookout Alliance Reverse Racisms

Is Big Brother The Cookout Alliance Reverse Racisms

Is Big Brother The Cookout Alliance Reverse Racisms?

In the history of Big Brother there has never been a black contestant winner, so this year 6 contestants all of whom are black made a secret pack in the beginning.

Each of the black contestants made friends with a non-black contestant and one by one they eliminated them all. Continue on for all the tea about the Big Brother and The Cookout alliance… reports that it was some underhanded ish going on, but is it reverse racism since the black contestants did what non-blacks do every year?

The one thing this proves is if black people team together then can take over a situation. But the sad part is the final 6 are all different shades of brown to black and they want the darkest one to win.

NOT only was it a slight reverse racism tactic to remove all non-blacks from Big Brother this year; things are going to get real messy.

This will now show the inner racism in the black community. We know so many people who are light-skinned and the dark-skinned family members treat them like shhhhht.

Now, Big Brother will exploit racism in the black community once again proving Larry Johnson right-calling all blacks whores.

See, fans who have grown accustomed to over 20 seasons of mostly-white alliances — and mostly white winners — have complained via social media that Big Brother is now guilty of “reverse racism.”

Christian Berkenberger, a white contestant who was eliminated in week 5, immediately scolded fans via Twitter.

Here is what Dr. Brandy Monk-Payton, a professor of media on African Americans in popular culture at Fordham University.

Monk-Payton weighed in on The Cookout with this statement:

The accusation of so-called reverse racism amongst some fans is a bad faith argument. What it elides is a discussion of the way that structural racism exists in the entertainment industry and even a reality TV show like Big Brother.

At the end of the day, the black alliance just did what white people have been doing every season. The Black Live matter movement has helped some in the black community to finally realize its time to stand up and play the game.