Joe Budden Threatens to Beat Security Guard “F*****g A**” for Harassment

Joe Budden Threatens to Beat Security Guard "F*****g A**" for Harassment

Joe Budden was minding his own business outside a hospital when he got into with a security guard who accused him of being a patient.

The security guard is clearly out of line harassing Joe Budden who was smoking outside of the hospital. Read on for the tea spill and fight video…


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#JoeBudden has a confrontation with security at the hospital.

A post shared by the Jasmine BRAND (@thejasminebrand_) on reports that Joe Budden has been on a roll lately when it comes to letting his feelings be known, but in this case, Joe was in the right 100%.

Watch the video provided by The JasmineBrand and you can see that the security guard was harassing Joe Budden because he claims that he mistook him for a patient of the hospital.

While Love & Hip Hop NY star Joe Budden was chilling outside smoking a security guard walks up and began to ask him why he was outside. Then he tells to get out of the street because he automatically assumed that he was a patient at the hospital.

Budden quickly replied:

No, I’m in the street, with my cigarette. Why are you here?

The nervous looking security guard shot back:

Because I think you’re a patient at this hospital.

Budden let him know he didn’t care about his opinion, saying:

You can think whatever you wanna think.

That is when a second security guard walks up and asks Budden if he has a wristband. Joe replied.

No, I do not.

Budden who let his feelings be heard said no you did not proclaim:

No, you didn’t ask. You said, ‘why are you smoking on campus, you’re not supposed to be out here, you are a patient.’ That’s what you said, you don’t even know how to do your f**king job. I’m not a patient.

He then refers to the polite second security guard:

See what happens when you talk to people respectfully? You get calm answers, real calm. This is harassment.

After the confrontation, Joe crossed the street but let it be known that if the first security guard comes at him wrong again he would “beat his f**king a**.”

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