Joe Giudice Demands Return To U.S. From Italy

Joe Giudice Demands Return To U.S. From Italy

Last weekend Joe Giudice left the US and went back to his hometown in Italy, but he’s not giving up his fight to come back to the United States.

Joe Giudice reunited with his family and friends while he waits for the judge to say he can come back to be with his wife and daughters. Which leads us to the latest from Joe, who is argued that the government was wrong to target him for deportation in the first place. Read on for more about Joe Giudice Demands Return…

Joe Giudice Demands Return To U.S. From Italy reports that the Attorney General slammed the Real Housewives of New Jersey star, claiming he committed an aggravated felony and thus must be deported back to his native country immediately.

According to Pennsylvania court records first obtained by Radar under the U.S. government, an aggravated felony is considered the highest level crime.

That is the problem because, on October 15, Joe Giudice’s attorney argued in a 30-page reply filing that his fraud crimes did not constitute an aggravated felony and that Wells Fargo bank was not the victim as argued.

Joe’s lawyer, Thomas Moseley, wrote in the filing to the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

He said:

There was no loss… because Wells Fargo forgave the two Wachovia loans in 2012 as part of the settlement with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office. As a matter of basic logic as well as plain English, which escapes the government, one cannot be considered to have lost what one has already agreed to relinquish.

Moseley ended the brief pleading with the Third Circuit Court to reconsider Joe’s deportation order.

His attorney James Leonard told Radar:

For all the above reasons, this Court should reverse the order of removal and either order termination or remand for further proceedings. Joe is by no means done fighting, quite the opposite. He wants to come home where he belongs.

His case is scheduled to be heard on November 21.

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