Joseline Hernandez Joins Love & Hip Hop Miami With Pay Cut!

Joseline Hernandez Rejoins Love & Hip Hop Atlanta With Pay Cut!

Joseline Hernandez joins Love & Hip Hop Miami With Pay Cut!

It appears Joseline Hernandez must have dried up since she is said to be returning to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta this upcoming season. Read on for more tea on Joseline Hernandez joins Love & Hip Hop …


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A post shared by Joseline (@joseline) on reports that a producer who confirmed that the Puerto Rican Princess will be returning next season, but she’ll be making a lot less money.

Joseline Hernandez was making $2,000,000 in salary after she became a main draw for the reality series, but after her abrupt fallout with the series, she’s been gone for a minute.

Now she will be making a return minus some zeros, this time Joseline will be lucky to make $200,000.

Hernandez filmed for 6 seasons alongside her former fiancé Stevie J. Her pay grew each year, and in season 6, Joseline reportedly made more than $2M in salary.

She became full of herself and abrasive when putting her around other castmembers.

VH1 even gave her a spin-off Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood. But that wasn’t enough for Joseline, so she quit the show.

Then, Joseline showed up to filming inebriated during the Season 6 reunion show and quit the show.

Since then, Joseline has tried filming a number of reality shows, but none of them worked out.

Her claim to fame came from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and without that nobody cares.

Now, according to the producer, she has returned to VH1, with her tail between her legs.

One good thing for Joseline is this, if she can behave herself for the whole season, her pay will rise dramatically.

The insider explained:

Joseline will get paid the following season, if she brings the drama – and doesn’t quit on us.

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