Joseline Hernandez NOT So Pressed to Get Bonnie Bella Back

Joseline Hernandez NOT So Pressed to Get Bonnie Bella Back

Reports surfaced this week that former “Love & Hip Hop” star Joseline Hernandez is begging a judge to overturn the temporary child custody of Bonnie Bella to Stevie J and the arrest warrant against her dropped.

The only problem is that Joseline Hernandez looks to be doing fine since she continues to post photos of herself and a video of her man telling her to “look at that steak, just steak” refering to himself. He is fine and apparently he calls himself steak since Joseline loves to eat meat. Read on…


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A post shared by Joseline (@joseline) on is hearing reports that Joseline Hernandez is asking a judge to order Stevie to return their daughter Bonnie Bella Jordan, vai The Blast.

By the looks of the video above, we don’t feel that Joseline Hernandez is in too much of a hurry to get her daughter Bonnie Bella back. She looks like she will be attending to her steak that her boo has ready for her to eat.

We previously reported that Stevie accused Joseline of refusing to let him see their daughter on a scheduled date. He rushed to court demanding a judge arrest Joseline for violating their deal.

It was also rumored that fans of hers thought she might have fallen off the wagon since she was looking sweaty in a photo. Many thought she was back doing blow.

Regardless, the judge sided with Stevie and issued an arrest warrant and also took away custody of their daughter from Joseline.

What happened next?

Well, Stevie J picked up his youngest daughter Bonnie Bella and took her home. As for the warrant, that is technically still active. Since Steven took Bonnie home, he has been posting photos with their kid on social media.


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No mistakes allowed. #DaJordans

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Meanwhile, Joseline Hernandez claims the court and Stevie knew she was in California working and couldn’t physically be in court.

Hernandez has been out in California filming Marriage Boot Camp with her new boo.

In addition, she denies Stevie’s allegations that she continues to refuse to let him have visitation time.

Joseline is demanding the arrest warrant be set aside and primary physical custody be restored to her immediately.

Stevie J is loving the fact that Bonnie Bella is in his custody and away from Joseline.

He is just making Hernandez life a living hell posting these videos:


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Bonnie Bella. Hair by: @amber4hair #DaJordans

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