Joseline Checks Media For FAKE NEWS About Daughter

Joseline Checks Media For FAKE NEWS About Primary Custody of Bonnie Bella

Joseline Hernandez checks the media for putting out fake news about the custody of their daughter Bonnie Bella.

According to Joseline, she is making it clear on who has the primary custody of Bonnie Bella and that belongs to her “Mother and her Father!” Joseline wants all “so call reporters” to get their FACT right and to stop putting out “fake paperwork to ruin relationships…” got word via The Puerto Rican Princess who took to social media to set the record straight about the well being and custody situation for her daughter.

Joseline posted this statement on social media which was directed straight at her ex Stevie J.

She writes:

My firstborn is harder than a lot of you n—s???????? And let me give you the story myself…

She went on to say:

The primary custody of my daughter belongs to her Mother and her Father. Is sad that you so call reporters to obtain fake paperwork to ruin relationships.

Joseline makes it clear for all inquiring about Bonnie Bella

So if you had a question of her whereabouts…….. She’s in the sky!

Recently, Stevie J announced that he was granted temporary custody of his youngest daughter, Bonnie Bella, after Joseline violated the custody terms to shoot Marriage Boot Camp in Los Angeles. So Stevie put his foot up in it!

It’s good to hear that Stevie and Joseline have primary custody.

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