JWoww Ex-BF BUSTED for Attempted Shakedown

JWoww Ex-BF BUSTED for Attempted Shakedown

Last week Jersey Shore Family Vacation wrapped Pt 2, but we still need our Guido fix.

If you thought Ronnie Magro was the only one with relationship drama think again. JWoww is coming in at a close second and possible tie.

Jersey Shore star Jeni JWoww Farley is dealing with more drama from her ex, but this time it’s not Roger Mathews. Read on…

JWoww Ex-BF BUSTED for Attempted ShakedownCelebNReality247.com reports that Jeni JWoww Farley, who previously announced she was divorcing her husband Roger Mathews has been dealing with another problem, her ex.

According to reports, Jeni JWoww Farley ex-BF, Thomas Lippolis, was arrested Wednesday and charged with extortion.

it appears that the “Jersey Shore” star’s ex-BF called JWoww’s publicist and threatened to leak tons of secrets about JWoww if he didn’t get $25k from her.

What? That is crazy!

JWoww Ex-BF BUSTED for Attempted Shakedown

TMZ reports:

Cops say JWoww’s publicist told the reality star about the alleged extortion attempt and she called cops Monday. JWoww and Thomas dated for a year about a decade ago.

It’s been a rough year for JWoww. She’s in the middle of another legal mess with her estranged husband, Roger. She claims his harassing her is the reason why she’s got a restraining order on him. Remember, the harassing is what got him booted from her crib.

Apparently, JWoww told cops Roger began to record her without her permission, and that’s why she called cops back to their home to get him removed.

Still developing…

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