K Michelle CLAP BACK at Lyrica Anderson Over Butt Injections Attack

Singer/reality TV star K Michelle has always been transparent about her bouts with plastic surgery, but Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Lyrica Anderson continues to attack.

Read on to see what K Michelle is saying to Lyrica Anderson

K Michelle CLAP BACK at Lyrica Anderson Over Botched Butt Injections AttackCelebNReality247.com reports Lyrica Anderson showed no love to Kimberly’s health pointing out her battle with botched butt enhancements.

K Michelle and Lyrica Anderson had been feuding all season on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5.

Though, Kimberly defended her actions on the series, saying:

Stealing is stealing. Leaking is leaking. Cheating is cheating. I just do my job.

Of course, Lyrica clapped back, attacking K health issues with her botched butt enhancements.

Lyrica tweeted:

You are right, leaking is leaking. Like that cement booty it was ur job to get rid of. Your job was to sing not be in folks business.

K Michelle states:

Me, 3 days ago in my @fashionnova I think I’m still black. The shit Y’all make up when you just can’t find anything to hang a person. I’ve been fighting for my life for 6 months. Umm, of course, I don’t look the same. Seriously. I was Like seriously sick to the point of not knowing if I would still be here. I almost lost my life , I wont let you take it. Your own people will make fun of you when you really on some positive shit. Told my story to save a life. I would do it all over again. I’m not no coward. I take my shit and own it. So let’s clear it 1. Bleaching- Never done it and don’t even know how. I just got completely healthy a month ago. Mean- Yes, as FUCK Dropped- Actually never been dropped my whole career NOT Once. I always asked and fought for my release honestly! My Butt- I admitted it to the world unlike your favorites. I wanted to help women. Now my ass is ALL real. Now what? My nose- Yes it’s pinched My Pussy- A go-to rumor of discussion from people who never even met me. Sooo… NOW What? I’m me! Are you-you? I’m sorry I’m going to change the world. My own way, 1 woman at a time!

K Michelle CLAP BACK at Lyrica Anderson Over Botched Butt Injections Attack

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