K Michelle Says Her Hot Pocket Needs Exercise

K Michelle Says Her Hot Pocket Needs Exercise

K Michelle is one that keeps it real on social media, you can either handle it or hate it. We love it! Over the weekend the R&B singer was spotted answering some questions about her recent butt reduction surgery and Kimberly spilled some tea.

Read on to see what the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star K Michelle had to say about waitin for her surgery to heal…

K Michelle Says Her Hot Pocket Needs ExerciseCelebNReality247.com recently got word that K Michelle had a second surgery on her bottom via CelebNHealth247, where she was talking about needing to perform.

It’s been a couple weeks since she went under the knife in a second surgery to have her fake booty sized down after years of pain. K Michelle revealed that her doctor was only able to remove 40% of her enhanced backside during the first surgery.

Her second time was to continue the reduction, but Michelle hasn’t been able to have sex and she is apparently going crazy she can’t enjoy her mans eggplant.

K took to social media saying her hot pocket need exercise:

I can’t wait to have sex with my man. He is hung and quiet killer. I’m going to go pornhub on him. This surgery has kept me from exercising my hot pocket?

A few ladies replied to K’s post. One woman gave her a piece of advice, saying:

Be careful with letting women know how good your man is in bed, some women will try to find out for themselves. ?

While another lady said she and her husband went PornHud all weekend, writing:

Me and my man went Porn Hub ALL weekend. He TOO …is well endowed ? I just love it. I’ve had 5 kids and I cry like a baby EVERY TIME he go in!!! LAWD


All we can say to K is this. Gurl, keep that on the hush there are too many THOTs looking to steal a man just for some good D.