K. Michelle RIPS Amber Rose Over Bill Cosby Comment

K. Michelle RIPS Amber Rose Over Bill Cosby Comment

What in the SlutWalk is going on? Amber Rose weighed in on Bill Cosby and K. Michelle is letting her have it!

If you’re NOT black, it’s best to steer clear of making any kind of remark about Cosby. Apparently Amber Rose is learning this the hard way, thanks to K. Michelle. Read on for the tea spilling…

K. Michelle RIPS Amber Rose Over Bill Cosby CommentCelebNReality247.com has the latest on Amber Rose, who thought it was her right to SLAM Bill Cosby.

The singer/reality star is apparently ALL the way fed up with Amber Rose after she made some less than appropriate comments about Bill Cosby being sentenced to prison.

Amber basically pissed of the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star when she did a post delete about Cosby saying:

So if your momma came to you and said “this guy raped me 36 years ago’ would you be asking for proof?

Amber took things a bit further with another post/delete that read:

No you wouldn’t. So STFU. Everyone said ‘Awwww poor Bill Cosby, he’s gonna die in the first 2 years of his sentence’ But I said ‘I hope he serves the full 10 years then dies’ I’m wrong and wishing death on him? FOH Stand up for a Rapist if Y’all want to. I said what the f*** I said PS the only reason s*** was deleted on the last Bill Cosby post is cuz you can’t put our “pres” name and “die” in the same caption or FB will f*** ur algorithm up and I’ll be d***** if I let two sexual predators f*** with my money.

Amber’s post apparently infuriated a number of people including K. Michelle

K slammed Amber for “annoyingly” speaking on a black man, saying:

Annoying. You have no room to speak out on Bill Cosby or a black man for that matter, being the only thing you’ve done is suck d**k. They love to F*****G destroy our people, and Y’all so gullible you sit there and help them!

Kimberly added:

Pissed! Tired! Racism is alive!” she continued. “I have no love for rapist and for the demeaning of women. We are not and have never been the lesser. But I also don’t respect and I’m very aware of the falsity that happens towards my people of color in the industry in order to destroy and promote the lesser!

The Love and Hip Hop star didn’t stop there.

K let Amber know dating black men doesn’t give her an open door to weigh in the culture.

And when it’s convenient everybody claim BLACK. No, you aren’t BLACK! You don’t know our struggle as black women, we don’t have the privilege to claim slut. We are attacked, belittled, and told we aren’t good enough so we have to be perfect. FOH with the fairy tale.

As always, Kimberly kept it 100 letting the world know that women like Amber Rose set a bad example for young women. Sell sex and candy is NOT a career. And being proud of being a slut is NOT what young girls need to aspire to.

K touches on the truth, that Amber and many other vixens slept their way to fame. They have parlayed it into a career, but it takes a lot of time on your back and on your knees to get there.

Michelle SLAMS Amber saying:

I will speak. I will speak! God is my witness I give no fucks! I will the truth. Y’all know the truth! These mutha fuckas living in a bubble and selling candy and sex toys. Ain’t nobody got time 4that. We need the truth! Theses Lil girls growing up need the truth!

She concludes by saying:

I’m always villain so I might as well speak the truth. Justice is never served as long as its unequal AND that’s my opinion. Tuh – You typed Alll that and can’t read! I told you my stance, but wishing death on people ain’t no G shit it’s so clown shit!

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