Kenya Moore Responds To Kandi & Don Juan’s Comments on Charity

Kenya Moore Responds To Kandi & Don Juan’s Comments on Charity

Kenya Moore Responds To Kandi & Don Juan’s Comments on Charity Event!

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore rubbed the other ladies the wrong way on the recent episode. But let’s be honest, when doesn’t she rub everyone the wrong way? Read on since Kenya Moore Responds Kandi…


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A post shared by Kenya Moore (@thekenyamoore) reports that Before the SC trip, Kenya revealed that she and LaToya Ali would be getting there via private jet.

Next, Kenya told Drew Sidora but then she switched up before the dinner party telling her not to tell the others about the jet.

The the ladies felt some type of way when it came out that Brooklyn Daly was on the jet, too. Porsha Williams questioned why the other women weren’t told that they could bring their children along. Plus, the conditions on the bus they rode weren’t the best. It was too hot and the AC didn’t seem to be working properly. So Porsha and the others were upset.

As for Kenya, She has no regrets flying in a private jet.

But all the tea poured out when Kenya made a recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” to celebrate her 50th birthday. Andy Cohen asked her if she feels bad about flying on a jet while the others rode a bus and left their children behind.

The Twirl queen of Real Housewives of Atlanta said:

Well, no to the fact that they were being driven because we had to go down there before everyone else. But I don’t feel bad about the ladies not being able to bring their children because I’ve always brought my child on every single trip I’ve ever been on since I’ve had Brooklyn. So to me that’s just a fact that I always bring her.

Kenya also had something to say about the Kandi Cares controversy.

There was a lot of speculation among “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans after Kandi Burruss‘ recent “Speak On It” video. Both she and Don Juan discussed her charity event.

Several years ago, Kandi created Kandi Cares. And the organization is focused on helping single-parent families. This is something that is important to Kandi since she was also a single mother. Kenya Moore and others came to the event to help pass out groceries to single-parent families. However, some of the women donated money as well. In fact, Porsha Williams and Marlo Hampton both donated $5000.

Though, in Kandi’s “Speak On It” video, Don Juan insinuated that some people didn’t give at all. And his reference to people being able to buy ice sculptures but not donate to Kandi Cares made some fans suspect he was coming for Kenya.

Then Kandi would later say that some of the ladies weren’t “necessarily giving.”

Kenya Moore set the record straight.

So some people came to the conclusion that Kenya didn’t donate any money.

Kenya said:

Oh, well I did. And I gave more than $5000. So I don’t know why people assumed that Kandi was speaking about me.