Letoya Lucket + Tommicus Walker Divorce Happening

Letoya Lucket + Tommicus Walker Divorce Happening

Letoya Luckett + Tommicus Walker Divorce Happening!

The former Destiny’s Child singer and her husband, Tommicus Walker are getting divorced despite rumors that they were back together.

The TI & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle star took to social media just minutes ago to announce that she has decided to go through with the divorce. Read on for more on Letoya Luckett announcing divorce…


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CelebnReality247.com Letoya Luckett  Tommicus divorce happening… You may have heard that Letoya Luckett is no longer getting divorced after rumors swirled of her husband’s cheating — NOT True she just announced it is happening.

It’s happening Letoya Luckett and Tommicus are getting divorced!

What lead to divorce?

Last year was a rough one for LeToya and her husband, Tommicus Walker. Over the summer online reports suggested that Tommicus had been cheating on her with Instagram groupies. One woman was allegedly shopping around to various tabloids a video of her and Tommicus together.

What followed after the RUMORS of Tommicus Cheating?

While the rumors were never confirmed, LeToya took them to heart, and – and given that she was expecting the birth of their second child – she separated from Tommicus.

After the story broke of Tommicus’ alleged cheating LeToya removed the title of “wife” from her IG bio.

Over the weekend it was RUMORED that she took him back and restored the title “wife” to her bio making it clear to everyone that she plans to remain in her marriage.

NOT True.

Letoya Luckett officially announced her divorce is happening just moments ago. Period!

These happy days have come to a close:


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