LHHATL Star Tommie Lee Reports to Jail

LHHATL Star Tommie Lee Reports to Jail

All last season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Tommie Lee was going through it since she knew her days of freedom were numbered.

She went off on her co-stars, fought producers and more all because of the issues going on in her personal life. She was drinking heavily and was seen mixing Henny and wine in one scene. Now she is heading to jail. Read on…

CelebNReality247.com reports that near the end of the series Tommie Lee cleaned up and being responsible despite having to go to jail.

(Check out the video of Tommie via The JasmineBrand above)

Over the summer she stayed tight-knit with her fans on Tuesday, and in accompany of her boo, Ian Connor.

In a final post on Instagram live which the JasmineBrand snatched up, Lee shared states this would be her last time going to jail.

On my way to jail, and this is the last time I’ll ever be making this trip.

She also offered some words of encouragement as she said her final goodbyes.

Don’t make bad decisions, kids. Learn from this now. Last time we doing this now. Whether it’s too minutes, two hours, it’s the last time we doing this kids.

She offered noticeable mention to her driver, as she asked him to be watchful of her camera.

Following the acceptance of a plea deal, the reality star is expected to only serve two days in jail. After she’s released, and in addition to her sentence, she will be required to perform at least 40 hours of community service, undergo drug and alcohol testing, and be under probation for an entire year.

Bye, AJ. I love you, man. Hold the camera down. My life is on here!

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