LHHATL5 Recap: Transgenders, Triangles and Brawls

LHHATL5 ATL Recap: Transgenders, Triangles and Brawls

On episode 2 of LHHATL5 we get to see D Smith who is asked to model for Tammy Rivera after the ladies attend a fashion show for breast cancer awareness!

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LHHATL5 Recap: Transgenders, Triangles and Brawls

What’s the tea on this weeks LHHATL5? Well Mimi and Chris claim their in a straight relationship, but obviously they both have a screw loose.

Things pick up at Mimi and Chris birthday bash when Tommie and Tiara face off in a thrown down, hair pulling, pubic revealing brawl.

Mimi is pissed that two women she didn’t invite brought the ratchet to her party and Karlie and Dime are in the center of it all.

Next,  Tiara shades Scrapp after he brings her flowers and she tosses them to the floor. She brings the ratchet and the hood chick to this season and Scrapp is all in. She tells him to leave and when he does she breaks in to tears crying for him to hold her. Can you say bipolar?

Next up, Momma Dee get put on blast when Kirk walks into Lil Scrappy’s open call for models. He confronts Scrappy and reveals what his momma did. She tries to squirm out of it with some instant tears, but he’s not buying.  Scrappy and Kirk talk but the “I’m A King” rapper ain’t hearing Frost after he said he didn’t want to show to court and testify against Erica Dixon. We get it, Rasheeda and Kirk were put in the middle of their friends child support court battle and they didn’t want to pick sides. But Kirk should have called Scrappy to tell him no.


Across town, Tammy Rivera meets up with D Smith to talk about her modeling for Rivera. The only thing is D Smith NEEDS to get some things off her chest like the Waka Flocka interview and how does Tammy feel about transgender women?

Tammy doesn’t care, however, she does support Waka’s beliefs that kids should not be exposed to Transgender culture. Waka was speaking about Caitlyn Jenner and the over exposure she had when first transition. The Grammy Award winner, D Smith said she wanted to think about it first.


Later, Yung Joc is already looking to plant seeds and is possibly scouting for baby mama number 5. Joc needs to get a vasectomy like Peter Gunz. 8 Kids and 4 baby mamas is enough, don’t you think.

Joc goes after, Scrappy’s assistant, Taylor, but before, watch Scrappy as he tries to set up his assistant, Taylor, with Yung Joc. If you pay close attention, Taylor seems like she wants some Scrappy love, but he’s to blind to see it.

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The love triangle continues for KK son Scrapp DeLeon and his baby mama and girlfriend Tommie. In the scene below, Scrapp previews a song for KK and Tommie, but when they tell him they love it and when is going to drop, he says he wasn’t doing anything with it.

Karen King tries to convince her son to get back in the game since that was his and the late Dollaz dream to make it. Tommie chimes in saying that she loves it and wants him to make music again.

Meanwhile KK is giving Tommie a look that kills. She may have been acquitted, but KK is not a woman you want to mess with, especially when it comes to her son.

When Tiara’s name comes up in conversation that is when Tommie and KK get upset and go in on the attack. Scrapp says that is the mother of his son, King and the grandson of KK, but his mom says tells him that she only matters to him.

They make it clear they don’t like Tiara at all!

Watch the situation unfold and the drama begin:

Lastly, Tammy meets up with D Smith and her best friend singer-songwriter Betty Idol. Betty is secretly working with Scrappy and Tammy brings up the name Bambi, the ratchetness is kicking into overdrive and the angry birds, Tammy and Betty get into a argument. The only problem is Betty gets her news when Tammy goes into “slap a bitch” mode.

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