LHHM 3 Ep 3: What Down With Trick Daddy, Trina and Amara

LHHM: What Down With Trick Daddy, Trina and Amara

LHHM: What Down With Trick Daddy, Trina and Amara La Negra???

On tonight’s Love & Hip Hop Miami Amara La Negra’s manager Julian gets confronted twice in the same episode. Read on to get the tea on LHHM 3 Ep 3...

CelebNReality247.com has the highlights from Love & Hip Hop Miami 3 episode 3 as Trina confronts Julian about the record rollout stalling. Julian tries to explain what happened yet Trina’s still frustrated.

Tonight on LHHM 3 Ep 3:

Next, Amara’s boyfriend Emjay has a conversation with Julian goes sideways when Emjay reveals he wants to have kids with Amara.

Emjay accuses Julian of trying to sleep with Amara La Negra. This causes major anxiety for Amara who experiences a sudden medical episode.

Brisco and Joy First Date:

Across town, Joy gets the tea about Nikki who allegedly was smashing Brisco behind Trick Daddy’s back while on a date. Both admit it’s hard to try to date again. He says he used to date Nikki as recently as two weeks ago. This news is surprising to Joy.

Nikki clashes with Trick and Joy:

When she goes to meet with Trick, Nikki gets loud with Joy, so she shuts it down telling Trick about Nikki smashing Brisco. Nikki denies this and accuses Joy of making this up. Trick throws out the trash and Joy makes sure to put her stamp on it.

Trina ask Hood Brat to be on her Tour:

It’s not over, Hood Brat is filming a music video. Trina comes out to support. She also asks Hood Brat to join her tour. Hood Brat happily accepts and says she always looked up to Trina.

Hood Brat reveals that she did a song with Nikki Natural, but Trina lets her know she’s not feeling her since she’s a bit too sassy.

Emjay and Amara have a Romantic Moment:

Amara is put in the corner when her sexy boyfriend Emjay says he wants them to have kids soon. Amara wants to focus on her career right now.

Emjay wants them to get married and have kids. But they can’t do that if Julian isn’t doing his job as her manager.
Julian tries to explain.

Trina meets up with Julian:

Next, Trina meets up with Julian. He apologizes for and regrets not reaching out after her mother died. Julian says he didn’t get $300,000 for her. He shows off his contract and says her name was never on it. It was his own deal. But Trina says he still should have invested in her because of their history together.

Sukihana, Miami Tip, and Khaotic meet up:

Tip manages Sukihana. And she wants her career to blow up. Trina’s tour is a great opportunity.
Nikki is urged to confront Brisco.

Ballistic checks in on Joseline:

Ballistic checks in on Joseline during her rehearsal. They discuss PreMadonna. Their beef isn’t going away even though Joseline wanted to be drama free.

Nikki confronts Brisco:

Brisco throws a welcome back party at a club. Joy comes by and before she can recap what happened with Nikki, Nikki walks in to confront Brisco.

He says he never said they slept together. And they didn’t. Joy says maybe she misunderstood. So Nikki tells Joy to go back to Trick and tell the truth.

Shay Can’t Let it Go with Amara:

When Shay sees Amara, they argue about Jojo. Amara admits she misses the friendship they used to have and Shay gets mad.
Julian and Emjay clash.

Emjay and Julian face-off:

Then, Emjay meets with Julian about Amara. Julian says he helped Amara get her name out there but Emjay says Amara’s career has stalled. He wants to marry her and have kids, but Julian says Amara doesn’t need to have kids because she should be focused on her career. He tells Emjay to back off and Emjay accuses Julian of trying to sleep with Amara.

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