LHHM Reunion: Trina, I Murked Trick Daddy on TNT Project

LHHM Reunion: Trina, I Murked Trick Daddy on TNT Project

On the second pt of the Love & Hip Hop Miami reunion Trina unleashes her rage of anger on Trick Daddy calling his a tired 1998 rapper.

Read on to watch Trina rips into Trick Daddy like yesterday’s news because she ain’t doing his 1998 style…

CelebNReality247.com has the latest from the Love & Hip Hop Miami reunion because things got really heated between Trina and Trick Daddy.

According to Trina, the TNT project is a wrap. It will NEVER see the light of day because Trick Daddy wants her to be ratchet. She says that Trick is stuck in 1998 with his music and that’s the problem.

The album was supposed to be 4 Trick songs, 4 Trina songs, and 4 collabs, but the two could not see eye to eye on the project, so its a wrap.

All season Trina and Trick Daddy have been going back and forth trying to finish their long awaited album, but it never materialized because Trick Daddy had excuses.

Trina reveals that Trick wants her to do it his way or no way. That is the problem and she is NOT dealing with any of his tired @ss BS.

The issues carried over to the Love & Hip Hop Miami reunion where Trina unleashed on Trick Daddy and he refuses to listen. He’s still saying that anyone who comes to Miami can’t say it without saying Trick Daddy.

Umm, maybe back in the 90s, but these days it’s NOT Trick. Millennials are like Trick who?

Here is how things played out this season with Trick, Trina, and Joy:

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