Lil Scrappy Weighs In On Transgenders

Lil Scrappy

In case you didn’t know Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Lil Scrappy Weighs In On Transgenders after his homie learned his girl was a former man!!!

Lil Scrappy has to weigh in and let social media know his thoughts and for some people it might be too much on the flip…

Lil Scrappy aired his feeling on the Transgender community talking about how he is not cool with a man in a wig.

During this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 5 D Smith and Betty Idol will have issues with Scrappy’s statements that he made about the trans community.

Word is, Charles Gardiner aka @_billionairemh is trying to clear his name after learning that Shauna Brooks was Transgender.

See Brooks is a well known Transgender model actress and TV personality, was in fact a man before becoming the woman he is today.


Scrappy weighed in to let people know his feeling on the situation with Charles Gardiner.

There is no escaping the truth Charles!

What do you think about Lil Scrappy sounding off on the trans community?