Lyrica and A1 Admit Relationship on Thin Ice

Lyrica and A1 Admit Relationship on Thin Ice

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood couple A1 and Lyrica Anderson admitted that their marriage is hanging by a thread.

A1 and Lyrica Anderson have both accused each other of cheating, and during the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood 5 all the tea was spilled.

Kimberly formerly known as K Michelle felt it was her womanly duty to “take a b***h down” and tell Lyrica and husband A1 about her cheating. Read on…

Lyrica and A1 Admit Relationship on Thin Ice

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See, Kimberly aka K Michelle was ready to serve anyone and everyone in LA a hot cup of tea and then throw all over their face.

You know, a little reality check from Kimberly is always nothing nice. But hey, most people in Hollywood think they’re filming a video all day long and everyone is watching, right Lyrica and A1?

After K told Lyrca to stop faking her marriage and that she knew about her smash session with Safaree aka the Jamaican Anaconda wrangler hr face was cracked.

Lyrica quickly went to meet up with her man A1 for another “all about me sessions” only to walk in on A1 dropping dollars on rapper/stripper Apple Watts booty, you know complimenting her twerk abilities and stuff.

Lyrica instantly, went into “whose that b***h mode” and slapped A1 in the face, too humiliate him in a room full of extras.

After Lyrica had just one of her many emotional “all about me moments” to A1, he put his blonde dread up and headed over to confront frenemy K. Michelle. He wanted to DEAD K for spreading a rumor that she had sex with Safaree.

Chec out Lyrica telling K Fake It Till You Make It!

As you can see, Lyrica had A1 step in to fae-off with K. and that fell apart. What did happen is that A1 was able to let the world know that K Michelle, now Kimberly is banned from radio.

In case you didn’t know a couple years back K Michelle offended a woman who happened to be the main person in charge of radio airwaves. She pissed her off so much that she straight up told her at the event that she’s officially banned from radio.

A1 was speaking some truth, but K went full denial. Hey real is real and if she’s gonna air some dirt, be ready to have it thrown back.

It didn’t work.

Anyways, Lyrica admitted to BOSSIP:

We’re still trying to figure out what we’re going to do because there are a lot of accusations. We are both really passionate people. It’s about at least trying to stick to out if you have something good.

A1 agreed and said while their marriage was on thin ice. He added that they were at least still working together in the studio.

We do music, and at the end of the day, we’re business partners right now. So we’re in business mode.

In the end, they hope relationship unraveling on camera would be a teachable moment to their viewers and fans.

A1 assures everyone:

These are real-life situations.


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