Marc Lamont Hill Speaks On Filming Hours After His Father Passed

Marc Lamont Hill Speaks On Filming Hours After His Father Passed

Marc Lamont Hill Speaks On Filming Hours After His Father Passed!

During the December taping of Black Ink Crew Chicago Confessions host, Marc Lamont Hill took a look back at Charmaine Bey and when she lost her mother. The conversation got extremely emotional and Marc had a breakdown on camera. Continue on since Marc Lamont Hill Speaks about his Father who passed hours before filming…


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While Charmaine was speaking about losing her mom, Marc Lamont Hill broke down crying because his father had passed away just hours before filming.

In Hollywood, the show must go on. has the latest from Marc Lamont Hill who took to social media to speak on filming and the pain and loss of losing his father.

Marc had this to say about the production:

About last night’s episode…

Last night, VH1 aired Black Ink Crew Compton Confessionals. I recorded this episode back in December, just a few hours after my father passed away. Although the network told they’d understand if I canceled, I decided to stay and shoot the show. Things were going (relatively) smoothly until Charmaine started to tell the painful story of her mother’s passing. At that moment, for the first time in my media career, I completely lost my ability to be “professional.” I broke down completely.

He adds:

Fortunately, I was surrounded by love and community from the Chicago crew. Words can’t express how grateful I am to @ryanhenrytattoo @phoreverim @itskitsovain @charmainebey and @bishop__don for making one of the most difficult days of my life bearable. Also, while I’m glad I worked that day, please do not celebrate this choice as the “right way” to handle things. There’s no single fix for grief and crisis and trauma. Make the healthiest choice that you can make for yourself. And don’t confuse avoiding pain with “being strong.” There’s also strength in crying and healing and sitting with your emotions. Be good to yourself.

Our condolences Marc.