Margaret Josephs Jennifer Aydin Feud Angers Stay-At-Home Moms

Margaret Josephs Jennifer Aydin Feud Angers Stay-At-Home Moms

Margaret Josephs Jennifer Aydin Feud Angers Stay-At-Home Moms!

On the last episode of Real Housewives Of New Jersey, Margaret Josephs opened up about her younger years revealing a personal secret with the ladies.

Well, Margaret Josephs should have been wary of who she told that secret to because self-involved socialite Jennifer Aydin threw it in her face. Read on to see why Stay-At-Home Moms were so upset with Margaret Josephs over Jennifer Aydin Feud…


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Just when you thought Margaret Josephs and Jennifer Aydin has squashed their differences and were on the road to friendship, Jen proves she has no loyalty to Margret, reports

When Margret gets upset with Teresa Giudice for dragging her husband into the feud with Jackie Goldschneider, Jen backed Teresa. Jennifer called out Joe Benigno for also hearing the rumor about Evan Goldschneider, which obviously pissed Marge off. Then, Jennifer called Marge “sloppy” for sleeping with her boss.

Margret was blind-sided and felt attacked so she lashed out yelling at her husband. Meanwhile, Jennifer Aydin decided to go below the belt and bring up her secret about sleeping with her boss. Margret explained that he had taken advantage of her when she was trying to make in her early twenties.

Marge FIRED BACK at Jen, the stay-at-home mom, who doesn’t work but has a lot to say. Aydin is very judgemental about everyone but forgets to realize that she lives off her husband’s income.

Marge Tweets:

Margaret Josephs first subtweeted Jen, saying:

If you don’t want my opinion on your marriage don’t give me your opinion on mine.” And then she brought up Jen’s dig by tweeting, “Victim shaming is an all-time low. I shared a vulnerable moment that was very painful.

A “fan” of the show responded to the tweet:

You weren’t a victim he didn’t rape you…you made that decision like are you tone-deaf.” People are so vile behind their computer screens. Marge clapped back, saying “So I had to be raped to be a victim? You are tone-deaf to the world.

Marge clapped back, saying:

So I had to be raped to be a victim? You are tone-deaf to the world.

Margaret continued to attack Jen for her comment saying:

I’ve been my own boss at my own company for 21 years. So not sure who I’d be sleeping with to get here. At least I’m at the top. You only slept your way to Paramus

Marge tweeted.

Again, this is so unnecessary.

Fans were quick to jump to Jen’s defense, calling Marge out for shaming stay-at-home moms.

Fans to offense to Marge Stay-home-mom comment, but what they don’t realize is that was a situation between two women that were filming a reality TV series and she was NOT talking to all stay-at-home moms, just Jennifer Aydin.

Another fan got threw to Marge by saying:

You are belittling the role of a stay-at-home mom ..everyone women should be celebrated for the career they choose and that includes being a mom and having a one-income family find a better talking point all women roles are important! You can be on the top as a stay-at-home mom.

After enough women attacked Marge, she owned up to the pettiness:

It was a snide comment I agree. I guess I didn’t take kindly to being told I slept my way to the top.

Jennifer always comes in hot and never thinks before she speaks. She always says the most hurtful things when she feels attacked. Jen needs to learn how to dust it off and stay out of other people’s drama.