Mariah Carey’s Reality TV Series Drives Team Away

Mariah Carey and Stella Bulochnikov

According to hersay, TMariah Carey’s Reality TV Series Drives Team Away and fingers are pointing at Mariah’s new manager Stella Bulochnikov!!!

Get the details on the latest drama Mariah Carey is having with her team on the flip…

Mariah Carey's Reality TV Series Drives Team Away has bid the “Heartbreaker” singer farewell claiming that her new manager is toxic and extremely hard to work with!

Sources at PageSix that Mariah Carey‘s team has business manager Michael Kane, international publicist Connie Filippello, domestic publicist Chris Chambers, tour manager Michael Richardson, travel manager Gaylin Winkler and stylist Wilfredo Rosado have all

OMG, can you believe this?

It’s a travesty, ok well, maybe not that serious, but this reminds us of a certain someone who took the blame for Mariah when her movie Glitter was a flop in the box office. Here is a hint his name started with Da.

Anyways, a source close to the situation is now chirping like most birds do, and her is what is being said:

“It seems as if Mariah has allowed a complete stranger, her new manager, to run her life, and others believe this woman is toxic. Seasoned executives in their profession don’t want to put up with her.”

“Stella is hard to work with. Mariah doesn’t understand what’s going on because Stella paints a different picture, so Mariah probably thinks it’s petty disagreements. These are not just random people who have left her. These are loyal people who have been around for years, some 20.”

Stella Bulochnikov joined Carey as her manager last year after Hollywood filmmaker Brett Ratner introduced them. The problem is that Stella is very protective of who gets near her.


Stella recently signed the diva on to do a series for the E! network.

The insider revealed:

“Stella has been using the TV platform to bad-mouth former people on the team on camera .?.?. She’s turning it into a reality show. She’s creating scenarios, and it’s not all about the shows in Vegas as she’s claimed. The show will definitely be trashy because it’s full of lies.”

Bulochnikov even brought in her own lawyer and bookkeeper, which our source says has left Mariah’s staffers waiting to be paid.

It get’s worse, the source is also claiming:

“She hasn’t paid people, and they are threatening lawsuits.”

Then. Page Six, who broke this story added that Bulochnikov called our reporter an “idiot” and told us to “f?-?-?k off and lose my number” because the paper ran a previous story about some on Carey’s team having doubts about the reality show.

As for, Mariah Carey‘s reality series, Stella is trying to call it a docu-series that is following the R&B diva’s career and what happens behind the scenes before she hits the stage. Plus the usual life ordeals, being a mom, family, and everything else.

Which leads us to this tid bit. Did you know when Mariah Carey performs, on the day of the performance she does NOT speak. She likes to save her voice for the stage and her fans, which is making it a bit hard for the production right now on filming, but we know that they’ll find a way around it.

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