‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Why Vado Hit Tahiry Jose; He’s Expelled

‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Why Vado Hit Tahiry Jose; He's Expelled

‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Fans Disgusted with Vado Hitting Tahiry Jose!

If you watched ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ then you saw Tahiry Jose constantly yelling and complaining towards New York rapper Vado. She continually pushed his buttons on the episode and it escalated throughout the day. Continue on to see why Vado was kicked off ‘Marriage Boot Camp’…


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Tahiry gets upset with Vado. Thoughts? ? #MarriageBootCamp No Copyright Intended: @wetv/@amc_tv

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CelebNReality247.com reports that Thursday’s ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ was pretty heated at Tahiry Jose was non-stop yelling at Vado.

Tahiry Jose was doing the most. She would not let up on Vado, and when he was sitting at the table, Tahiry was in her feelings about Teeyon Winfree aka Vado. She got so mad she threw an apple at him and hit him in the head.

What is crazy about the incident is that do women really think a man is NOT going to retaliate?

And despite the rules of NOT hitting anyone on the series, while the couples were sitting for a session Tahiry Jose pushed Vado too far and he snapped. He ended up jumping up grabbing her braids and hitting her in the head.

Dr. Ish Explains His Take on Vado hitting Tahiry:

Tahiry’s actions stunned many of social media. However, when one a Twitter user said it had to hurt Vado to be hit in the face with two apples, Dr. Ish responded.

He wrote:

One thing is a fruit. The other thing is a tactical chokehold that we’re trying to get banned because it kills an inordinate number of black people when used by police. On what planet are those displays of force equal?

He feels what Vado did is worse.

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