Masika Kalysha Calls Fetty Wap An Absent Father

Masika Kalysha Calls Fetty Wap An Absent Father

Masika Kalysha Calls Fetty Wap An Absent Father, but no one is hearing her complaints!

Former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star and now rap star baby mama Masika Kalysha doesn’t play when it comes to her child even if it means putting her baby daddy Fetty Wap on blast. Read on… reports that Masika Kalysha is once again putting her baby daddy and rapper Fetty Wap on front street for NOT seeing his daughter.

According to Masika Fetty has been M.I.A. and their daughter has been missing him terribly.

Of course, Masika did what she always does and took her private personal problems and made the public for all to see.

Here is what she wrote on Twitter over the weekend:

That hurt hit different when your 3-year-olds crying askin why her daddy’s missing.

Of course, the internet was going to come for her, and OF COURSE, Masika, being the queen of clap back!

People had plenty to say about the entire situation, but she didn’t want to hear it. See, Masika wants someone to feel sorry for her.

Masika got a bit spicy when one of her followers gave her some real talk saying, “you knew what you signed up for !! He’s too busy cheating on his wife!!”

Kalysha clapped back:

This might be the absolute dumbest line you fking idiots use. U kNeW wHaT u SiGnEd Up FoR ? how tf I knew goofy-ass??!!! U think a nigga shows that he’s a fuck boy while he’s tryna date u? Smfh no fool. They put they best foot forward. #GTFO my page witcho dumb @ss.

It appears that Masika didn’t want to hear the truth, and what she expect when she is putting her business out there for all to judge. Who is actually the “witcho dumb @ss”? Look in the mirror Masika.

Check the Tweets:

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