Melissa Gorga Says Jennifer Aydin Is Self-Absorbed And Fake

Melissa Gorga Says Jennifer Aydin Is Self-Absorbed And Fake

Melissa Gorga Says Jennifer Aydin Is Self-Absorbed And Fake!

It’s no secret that Melissa Gorga and Jennifer Aydin can’t stand each other… reports that we all know that season 12 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has been filled with feud after feud, especially when it comes to Jennifer Aydin who is always saying something about Melissa Gorga.

Well, there is no love lost between Melissa Gorga and Jennifer Aydin.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey has always been known for its cast division, but this season was next level.

After a (near) physical altercation between the two during one episode, Melissa isn’t mincing words on her feelings about Jennifer. She recently appeared on the podcast Mention It All and started by slamming Jen for her lack of authenticity.

Melissa said:

It’s weird because she always said that I was self-absorbed or unauthentic. That’s how I feel with her.

Melissa continued:

I don’t know if it is for the cameras or if it is real, and I get very confused with her. At the reunion, I feel like she is re-auditioning again for next year. Every reunion, she says things that she didn’t say all season long and didn’t bother her.

She added:

In her brain she sits down on the couch and she auditions for next year. I don’t handle it that way and Teresa doesn’t either – we come in very real with what we’re feeling and we’re not auditioning for next year.

This isn’t the first time Melissa has called Jen fake. Back in March, Melissa said of her costar:

I just don’t speak her language. I’ve always struggled with Jennifer because I’m fine arguing with someone, but … I never feel like she’s authentic. I feel like she walks in the room and she’s like, ‘Hmm, what should I do today?’

She then noted:

I tend to dismiss her a lot in my head because I never believe what she’s saying is really how she feels. She’s kind of, like, putting it on a lot. I just don’t read her as an authentic [person].

What is completely annoying about Jennifer is that she has no facts, just what tree tells her. Jennifer FIRED back saying this about Melissa:

Take a good look at what unbothered looks like. I’m on this show because of me- not because my sister-n-law or A more entertaining husband. My husband is a class act who respects women and would never stoop low for the cameras. I guess people envy what they don’t have – I share real and authentic stories, not fake, made up ones.