Mike The Situation Messing Up On His Probations Big Time

Mike The Situation Messing Up On His Probations Big Time

Mike The Situation Messing Up On His Probations Big Time!

Ok so it rhymes.

Just on the heels of Mike and Lauren’s happy baby boy news, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is apparently in trouble with his probation officer because she is really pissed. Since he became a free man just a few months ago, he has been lagging on his community service. Read on…

CelebnReality247.com has learned that Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino probation officer has asked the judge to slap him on the wrist for falling way behind on completing his community service hours.

Seems a bit harsh, you know?

According to docs, the “Jersey Shore” star has only completed 18 of the 500 hours of community service he was ordered to complete as part of his tax evasion sentence.

Come on Mike what is the hold up on the community service hours???

In the docs via TMZ, the probation officer says she’s continually talked to Mike about where to volunteer in his community … like at Toys for Tots, his church and several food banks, but so far he’s only done 18 hours since his release from prison in 2019. In fact, the probation officer says Mike was scheduled to volunteer back in August, but failed to attend due to COVID-19 concerns.

Still, the probation officer says she’s reminded Mike “at nearly every interaction to find a venue for community service, including service that could be performed from home” but she claims he’s made next to no effort. The probation officer told it to the judge … who’s now issuing Mike a written warning.

The Sitch was released from prison in September 2019 after 8 months behind bars. He and his wife, Lauren, recently announced they’re having a baby boy due in May 2021 … so, dude’s gonna be busy.

Probably a good idea to knock out those 482 hours before then!