Milan Christopher Gifts Bad Boys Club LA Adult Replicas of His Manhood

Milan Christopher Gifts Bad Boys Club LA Adult Replicas of His Manhood

Milan Christopher Gifts Bad Boys Club LA Adult Replicas of His Manhood!

Bad Boys Club LA star Milan Christopher is one hell of a sexy man, his body is chiseled, he has an amazing chest, tight abs and when it comes to his manhood, he has enough to feed the needy. Continue on to watch Milan Christopher Gifts Adult Replicas…

Coming in at a nice 9 inches of pleasure, Milan Christopher has made sure to capitalized on his Anaconda and his perfect backside, reports

For a lot of men who love men, they fantasize being with Milan, but he has his type so for all others they can pleasure themselves with Milan’s adult toy collection of himself.

Which brings us to Bad Boys Club LA when Milan recently gifted his castmates replicas of his horse hung member, a luscious replica of his butt and pocket p—sy’s.

They Bad Boys were in shock, but yet all of them were more that over-joyed that they all received a replica from Christopher.

You know they all were going to be pleasuring themselves while fantasizing about being with Milan.

Despite gifting his castmates adult toy replicas of his manhood, Milan reveals why he joined the Bad Boys Club LA.

Milan said:

At the end of the day I joined the #badboysLa cast for multiple reasons but the main reasons was to promote my *businesses* & brand. Hence why every opportunity I got Im promoting my adult toy line & my music. & I did it SUCCESSFULLY! (Ie: I WROTE the bad boys opening theme song, & is the only voice behind it, the main topic of every episode, the first person you see in the opening credits, & the highest paid cast member) I did not come to this show to play with these hos. It’s not my fault I UNDERSTOOD THE ASSIGNMENT & utilize this opportunity to capitalize outside of the show & not just for instagram followers & tik toks.. ? We are not the same – Im not only a Business, I’m a businessman & that’s why I always WIN & why they will forever stay mad & jealous!

If you recall, Safaree Samuels was asked to have a replica of his banana hammock made, but he turned it down. Milan made sure to cash in on the opportunity and we have to admit, Christopher was smart to do so.

If you too want to enjoy Milan’s thick throbbing member…you can get it here…