Mimi Faust Hit By Uncle Sam Wanting Some of Those Bags

Mimi Faust Hit By Uncle Sam Wanting Some of Those Bags

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Mimi Faust may be living her best life with her partner basketball player Tamera Young.

Unfortunately, Mimi Faust is getting hit by Uncle Sam, who wants some of those bags she’s been collecting over the years. Read on…

Mimi Faust Hit By Uncle Sam Wanting Some of Those BagsCelebNMusic247.com has heard that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Mimi Faust is having some issues with Uncle Sam.

According to reports Mimi Faust is accused of owing a total of $26,775.35 in back taxes (including penalties) for multiple years.

The Blast is reporting:

The reality star back taxes breakdown is as follows:

Mimi owe’s a tax debt of $1,136.57 (2012), $4,422.88 (2013), $4,135.40 (2015) and $16,195.86 (2016).

Damn, that is some serious stacks totaling roughly $30,026.11

In additional news, Mimi Faust has been compared to her nemesis Joseline Hernandez via Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans.

Mimi has been in great spirits so she shared her happiness with her fans, saying:

I’ve been feeling so mentally blessed recently, I had to make sure my physical body was just as snatched with my @whatwaistofficial define band. They have a flash sale going on RIGHT NOW with great discounts on this amazing band in black and now scarlet too! Let’s start October with good vibes and better workouts!

Instead of inspiring, Faust received a bunch of haterism from Internet TROLLS criticizing Faust for acting like her baby daddy, Stevie J’s ex Joseline Hernandez.

One critic wrote under “Keep It Clean” owner’s comment, “Girl by tryna be like Joseline.”

While another person commented, “Trying to be like Joseline! Work on getting an a** cause that’s some u don’t have.”

Another Joseline fan FIRED SHOTS at Mimi saying, “You cld neva be like da Puerto Rican princess!”

Check the video below:

Mimi is doing Mimi and trust she ain’t giving two F about any of these Trolls.


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