Monique Samuels Is An Utter Control Freak

Monique Samuels Is An Utter Control Freak

Monique Samuels Is An Utter Control Freak!

Real Housewives of Potomac castmate Monique Samuels is way too much for all the ladies. Not only is she opinionated about everything, but she also blows everything out of proportion.

On Sunday night’s episode, Monique Samuels proves that she compartmentalizes her issues with her husband and Candiace Dillard.

But at the lake house, Monique had everything planned out for her birthday, and when things didn’t go her way she got upset. Read on why Monique Samuels is a control freak…

First, it was the fishing trip with Monique Samuels, which she forced everyone to do. She had a great time because that is something she loves. Everyone else, NOT so much.

Then, Candiace Dillard wanted to be respectful of Ashley Darby about telling her about Michael, so she pulled her aside with Gizelle in the family room.

The only problem is Monique Samuels made plans to sit by the outdoor fire. She wanted everyone there so cameras would focus on the group, but when the story was all about Gizelle and Candiace telling Ashley about Michael she got in her emotions.

She tried to linger in the background for a minute until Candiace asked her to excuse herself.

See, Monique made it clear she wanted to be on camera and part of the storyline, but she was NOT. The next day when she learned about Michael indiscretion at the strip club again. This is something Ashely already dealt with while she was pregnant, but it appears he was doing it again. That took Ashley by surprise and she was a bit baffled by the tea spill.

Monique turned it up ad laid into Candiace about being disrespected in her home.

And how she was trying to have a girls weekend with all the ladies of Potomac.

Monique forgets that not everyone is on her page and not everyone cares as she does. The bottom line is that Monique is an utter control freak and if she has no control over people she starts flying off the handles. And Candiace is done with her foolishness.

And to that, Robyn and Wendy said Candiace apologized, but they felt she was respectful of Monique and did nothing wrong. Monique is the one with the problem, and she looked a fool on her birthday weekend. SMH

Do you think Monique Samuels is a control freak?