Porsha Williams Postpones Wedding to fiancé Dennis McKinley

Porsha Williams Postpones Wedding to fiancé Dennis McKinley

Porsha Williams and her fiancé Dennis McKinley were set for a summer wedding, but Porsha has postponed it.

Read on to get the tea spill on why Porsha Williams postpones wedding to fiancé Dennis McKinley…

Porsha Williams Postpones Wedding to fiancé Dennis McKinleyCelebNReality247.com has learned that Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley have postponed their wedding until “at least January 2020.”

Why has Porsha Williams decided to postpone things to the father of her child?

Well, it’s all Porsha’s idea, according to one of the Atlanta Housewife’s friends.

One of Porsha’s friends spilled this tea:

Porsha told us that she wants to lose all the baby weight before the wedding, and she’s saying it will take her at least 9 months.

The insider continued:

But I think she’s getting some cold feet about getting married. Everything happened so fast, they haven’t even known each other a year.

They added:

Porsha may look like a dummy on TV but she’s not. She’s going to let [Dennis] show himself before she gets married.

We have a feeling there may be another reason for postponing the wedding. After watching Eva and Mike Sterlings wedding that was like a princess marrying her prince, Williams is holding off so her wedding can get televised on Real Housewives of Atlanta 12.

Yes, filming of next season of the Atlanta Housewives is set to wrap up in January 2020. So Maybe Porsha’s looking to have her wedding be the show’s season finale.

Just this past weekend Celebrity Insider reported that:

Porsha had a really nice and cozy St. Patrick’s day together with her sister, Lauren Williams, and Lauren’s daughter, Baleigh whom Porsha loves deeply.

Shamea Morton was also with Porsha. They seem to have enjoyed some tasty pizza and the latest RHOA episode.

Porsha made sure to keep her followers posted, and she documented her day on social media with pics saying:

My babies spent the day with PJ! lol Bales is so excited to meet her lil cousin! Love my booskies lots of laughs and giggles! #Family @shameamorton @lodwill #AwaitingPJ


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Are y’all watching #Rhoa !! Yes dis my pizza & no you can’t have none ??

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